Calories per Meal

Hi, personally I have 300 to 400 for breakfast, 500ish for lunch with milk for coffees and fruit for snacks, I usually have eaten around 1000 calories by the time I get home. Then I have up to 800 calories, but often less, usually 1500 or so by bedtime. I know a lot of people skip breakfast, but it is an important meal to have. I would only eat more than 1800 if I go out for a meal or visit people.


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I have about 100-150 on my first break at work either porridge or cereal bar
Lunch - Jelly with tub of grapes 60cals i class this as
crispbakes with pate 200cals

Then for my tea i have the remaining cals, whatevers left i have choc

Total i have is about 1100 cals a day but seem to be getting no where at mo and even tho i have lost all the weight i have already i darent up them yet!!


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hey thanks for the replies. I'm aiming for 1100-1200 a day but haven't managed to get into any kind of routine with it yet so your replies have helped.
Possibly will average out at 200 for breakfast, and 300-400 for lunch and dinner - allowing for snacks or slightly larger meals depending on how I feel.