Cambridge Bars


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Hi all

will have done my 1st 2 weeks tomorrow and am ecstatic. Have lost 10lb on 790 programme already and know it will slow down. I am looking for honest opinions about the bars. How often do you have them, do they slow you down etc? Up till now i've only been using the shakes, not bars or tetra packs so i'm interested to know your thoughts.

Have a great Sat night

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Hi Davina, I love the peanut bars and the cranberry ones. They are really yummy!! I used to have one every day but havent lately as I'm out of them!

TBH I think having one every day may have slowed my losses, but that could also be to do with the fact that you are meant to be drinking more water and I always drank the same amount.

Tetras are fab....I have one in the freezer to have as ice cream later on!


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The bars never slowed my weight loss down although some people say that they ahve for them (perhaps they're aprticularly carb sensitive). To be honest, for me it would have been worth a pound a month less weight loss to be able to have a decent chew on something yummy once a day!

You are advised to have only one per day (apart from anything else, more than that and you produce enough wind to fly a kite!).

I like all the bars but the only ones I have are the Peanut crunch and cranberry crunch - I love 'em! (and they have slightly fewer carbs). 1 hot coffee + 1 crunch bar = heaven!


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Some CDCs charge a little extra for the bars .... mine doesn't :)


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Hi ya,
My fave bar is the toffee one but I do find that it makes my tummy rumble like there's no tomorrow once Ive eaten it!!!!!

I used to have them every day but for me, it seemed like it slowed my loss down so ive cut down now, to once or twice a week.

I do like them frozen and for xmas, my girls cut a bar up into small pieces and wrapped each individual piece in foil and they put them in a small decorated box and gave them to me as a present!

I thought it was really sweet and a good idea.


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I remember having the bars on week 3, but they didnt suit me unfortunately :confused: ... they blew my tummy up and that week I only lost a 1 lb...which I was a bit gutted about at the time. I stopped having them after that and then only started having them as I got closer to my target.

Saying that I do have them now and enjoy them very much :) , and look forward to my bar. They dont upset my tum now either.

Deb x


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Hi Davina

I do have an opinion on bars but obviously it is my own opinion based on my own personal experience. I didn't try a cambridge bar until I had been doing the diet for a couple of months already. My CDC doesn't really recommend them and I was happy with the soups and shakes and didn't want to rock the boat.

However, a time came where I wanted to try something new so I bought some. I tried them firstly 1/2 bar a day which was fine but when I started to have a whole bar I found I went off course. On a couple of occasions it started me off with sugar craving and let to ...eating!!!! Also I started to get really uncomfortable wind, bloating and tummy pains. In the end I decided bars weren't for me.

My personal recommendation to someone thinking of introducing bars would be. If you are happy and doing well without them forget them for a while. Then if as I did you feel that you need to introduce something new to stop you getting bored on the diet then go ahead and try them but do it with caution. I also didn't really like them. Some were vile but the cranberry one I liked but not hugely. I think the attraction with them is that they are so sweet and a bit like eating sweets but to me this wasn't really such a good thing.

Hope my ramblings help you decide what is best for you.

Dizzy x


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I loved the toffee one. Didn't set off cravings. In fact they filled me up much more than the shakes or soup.


I love the bars! No they don't set me off on a binge either. By the way, the peanut bar and cranberry bar have slightly lower carbs than the shakes. The other have slightly more.
At the end of the day we're all different and have to find out what suits us best. ;)


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Thanks for your thoughts. Had one last night and have been suffering ever since with cramps and bloating. will leave it a few days before i try again and see if it happens again.