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Cambridge on Ice

I'm so proud of myself... I'll copy my latest blog post in to explain:

Today has been the biggest test to both my will power and determination…. let me explain.
The day started off a little rocky. I was a miserable git all day… felt really tired and down. I think it might be due to the fact I felt like i’ve lost nothing this week and is a bit discouraging.
Anyway, we all leave work and head off for the departmental Christmas doo. First we all go to a pub, and everyone gets the beers in… except me of course that stuck to water. Easy enough!
Then came the hard part… the Sushi restaurant. Table for 5, four eating gorgeous smelling food and one with a ready made Cambridge shake. To make it harder, all the food is constantly whirring around a carousel next to the table. I stayed strong, and looking back I think it shows how far mentally I’ve come. A few months ago, I wouldn’t have been able to just sit there and watch all the lovely food going round without going on a cookie monster !NOM NOM NOM! spree. But I sat there, happy in the knowledge that I was stronger than to give in to a few moments of pleasure followed by a lifetime of knowing how weak I was.
I am Genuinely Proud of Myself.
Then came the Ice Skating… outside, 10:30pm at Somerset House, Charing Cross - London. With all the will power in the world on my side, I’ve learnt that it doesnt help Ice skills at all, for in a whole hour I managed a mammoth 3 laps.. and a stint in the learners section… That might go on the list… learn to ice skate. If I can do this batty diet and sit in a crowded restaurant without even so much as a wanting look, I can glide on frozen water with a couple of knives jammed into the bottom of a boot…..ok, maybe not.
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Well done, no wonder you are pleased. What fabulous will power :)


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Wow. Well done you. I think this calls for some seriously lush bath products being bought for yourself today.

Good on you. XXX
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Well done!I don't think I would have coped so well!!
Fantastic, it's these moments that really test us that show us how we can master this eating malarky. I did have a great big laugh at your nom nom cooky monster thing, so funny.

Well done, if you can do that, you can do anything, and sushi can be a good choice when you're at target and eating so there's something to look forward too.

As for the ice skating, Pah, I'd rather stand at the side and pose even the most proficient have to stick their bums out hee hee.xx
Thanks for the good words everyone :D

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