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Can i alternate SS & 810 every week


Nearly a yummy Mummy
Yes, you can alternate between 810 and SS.

However, if 810 takes you out of ketosis you may struggle with the SS week following as it will be like day 1 all over again.

If you manage to stay in ketosis on 810 it will be easier, but tbh, the losses are still impressive if you do 810 all the time... (not really that different to SS) so if you find it too hard, just do 810 all the time. IMO it's an excellent plan that yields great results!


Nearly a yummy Mummy
Thanks Ali you have been a great help how are you? xx
Glad to be of assistance Dione!!

I'm doing great.. off to see OH on Tuesday... can't wait, He's been away for 3 months and we've got 18 days together... alone!!

Keep up the good work Dione, I'm sure that you'll see the results that you want very soon!


Nearly a yummy Mummy
Thanks Ali
WOW 3 months, bet you cant wait hun youll be burning off any calories i expect lol lol lol

Morning everyone ...waving madly

How are you all? Well please dont laugh at what i am about to tell you but i am not actually doing the 810 plan. I didnt look at the yellow book properly. I really thought it said 810 but i am actually doing ss+ 1b rofl. I txt my cdc yesterday and she was a bit concerned that i just jumped up to 810 without going through everything with her 1st. I said to her i have only gone up 1 plan and with the food being so minimal i didnt think it mattered. She then asked what food i was havin. When i told her she laughed and said i was doing ss+ which is better. OOps i should really learn to read things properly lol. Oh well its working for me so imhappy with that.
Sorry i wasnt on here yesterday, i was sooo grumpy :( TOTM due next Wednesday! I had no energy did not get anything done, was constantly tired and very moody :cry:I picked an argument with hubby even though i was completely in the wrong but just couldnt help myself. Anyway i managed to stay 100% again yesterday thank god. It was such a tough day though, the hardest all week. I was so tempted on numerous occasions but didnt give in so i am so proud of myself:D.
My youngest had his 1st terror nightmare last night. I didnt go to bed til midnight then he woke up screaming thinking there were spiders all over him. I couldnt convince him that there wasnt so i had to have him bed with me. He woke up a further 3 times so got to sleep about 3am yet he still woke up @ 7.30 this morning, i am so tired and have so much to do today as i did nothing yesterday.
Ive decided i am going to go to the gym every thurs and fri after work then either sat or sun for 1 hour. I know that my time with the kids and hubby are preciuos but 1 hur wont hurt will it? I need to do this as i am getting myself really own.

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