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Can I join someones Team please?

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Susiewoosie, 8 November 2008 Social URL.

  1. Susiewoosie

    Susiewoosie In it to lose it

    The title says it all.:D

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  3. Melanie

    Melanie Over half way to target

    I don't have a team as such, but have started a thread for people who want to stick to SW 100%, going back to basics, writing everything down and weighing/measuring HEX where necessary. You can join and leave as you like if you have events/meals out. Feel free to tag along, you're very welcome.
  4. Susiewoosie

    Susiewoosie In it to lose it

    Thanx Melanie. I have already joined your list last night. I'm really paranoid about screwing up again and this time want to lose weight the right way.

  5. MrsEdz

    MrsEdz Silver Member

    You can join SW angels if you like, we have had a couple of people drop out so can put you in instead.

    Let me know what your goal is for Nov and I'll update the list.

  6. Susiewoosie

    Susiewoosie In it to lose it

    Oooh thank you. Novembers goal is 10lb. I started SW on 25th October and I have lost 8lb so far. My WI are on Sundays.
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