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can some1 tell me whats in my lunch please?`


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hello ladies,

am still getin my head around counting what i have evryday spesh my healthy extras.
is the HE b bread and the HE a milk and cheese?

ok so for lunch im having homemade sw quiche made from
sprinkle of cheese (wasnt reduced fat tho :ashamed0005:

small spud with half a can of heinz spag hoops in tomato sauce.

and thats it.

cud some1 tell me what im using please, i find it quite difficult.

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If you're doing EE then the only thing you need to syn is the cheese - so you'll need to weigh it to work out the syns. 28g (1oz) of normal cheddar is a HEB or 6 syns.



I Will & I Can!!
Thanks thats a great help. i am on EE forgot to say lol. ok so thats my HEB today :)
i now have 15 syns and he a left i think xxx
the cheese will be your HEa not your HEb.

Do you have all the SW blurb which you get from the meeting?

I suggest sitting down and having a good read through so you are familiar with all the free foods and the healthy extras. The healthy extra's can be so much more than just bread or milk/cheese. There is a wide variety of options.

Of course anything that is not a free food needs to be synned and you have a maximum of 15 a day.


I Will & I Can!!
great thanks.

what bout the spag hoops heinz? is that free? wudnt of thought so :( damm i ate abit now x
Do you go to meetings?

If so you should have access to the online information through your pin number, which will allow you to search certain branded foods to see if they are free, or if not work out the syns using the syns calculator.
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I Will & I Can!!
yes have the book and go to meetings, i do look at my book and im starting to learn bout what syns r in what but its hard to remember, i think i will write it down and stick it on my frigde, but ive also just had the implant in my arm fitted a couple weeks ago, ive done well today and have 10 syns left but for some reason i feel starving and im starting to wonder whether this implant is increasing my hunger as it can often do.

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