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My food diary for this week. Please read and tell me what I'm doing wrong :(

Hi guys, after my initial loss of 5lbs on my first weigh in, I had my second tonight and only lost 1lb despite the fact that I was being good (better than last week!)

Thanks to anyone who reads and can give me some advice. This is what I had (my week runs from Thursday-Thusday) I'm on EE

2 x wholemeal Nimble bread toasted with 1 laughing cow light triangle spread on each. 1 x muller light vanilla.

Free quiche made with quorn ham, eggs, peppers, onions and Tesco light choices cottage cheese (SW website says this is free) and tomato. 1 muller light vanilla.

Baked sweet potato wedges baked in frylight with 2x cod fillets (young's)

2 x Nimble bread toasted and spread with 2 x light laughing cow

Lowfat Super Noodles with 1 pepper and 1 tomato

2 x haddock fillets with sweet potato wedges sprayed with frylight and baked.

1 bottle of red wine (750ml)

Bacon and egg sandwich - 4 x bacon all fat cut off done on george foreman grill with 1 egg fried in frylight on 2 slices of Nimble bread and 1 level tbsp of Heinz reduced sugar tomato ketchup.

Free wedges, chicken thighs and drumsticks with skin removed, Tesco light choices cottage cheese

Options white chocolate drink (2 syns for the sachet but I only drank about half as it was sickly sweet)

Bacon and egg sandwich - 4 x bacon all fat cut off done on george foreman grill with 1 egg fried in frylight on 2 slices of Nimble bread and 1 level tbsp of Heinz reduced sugar tomato ketchup.

Bowl of homemade veg soup (swede, carrot, parsnip, leek and parsley made with veg stock cube)

Salmon in fat free Onken fat free natural yogurt with peas and mashed potato

2 slices of Nimble bread and 1 Toffee Mullerlight yogurt

1 x pepper and 1 x tomato

1 x Low Fat Supernoodles

Free wedges, salmon with parsley and fat free yogurt

Bowl of the same homemade veg soup I had yesterday.

2 x Nimble bread with 2 x light Laughing Cow spread

1 x Toffee Muller Light with 1/2 a banana chopped into it

1 x red pepper and 1 x tomato
Low fat Supernoodles

Slimming world wedges and 2 x haddock loins

Everything above that has been cooked is either steamed, done on George Foreman grill, or fried in Fry Light.

I have been drinking lots of water and green tea, plus Coke Zero which is free. Can anyone tell me if I am doing anything wrong here. Is there anything that I might think is free which isnt? Because as far as I am aware, the only things that are synned above are the Tomato Ketchup and the Red Wine?

My diet might seem awfully repetitive to anyone reading, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. The week prior where I lost 5lbs I had been making the SW spag bol and Chilli Con Carne etc, but I started to get worried I was eating too much red meat.

When I eat my wedges, I make a dipping sauce with some Fat Free Natural Yogurt, crushed garlic, and chives with a sprinkling of mustard powder, is this OK?

Also when I make my wedges, I make quite a lot of them. Am I eating too much potatoes?

Sorry about all these inane questions and thank you to anyone who can give me some advice :)
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Hi there!

Firstly, well done on your losses so far and sticking to it - 5lb is a fab loss!!! I usually only manage 1lb a week max (if I'm lucky....), admittidly i am a bit naughty most of the time. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is quite often losses will be slower than we'd like, but so long as the numbers keep going down then you will get there.

Regarding your diary, the main thing i'd say is i'm not sure you're getting enough superfree with each meal. Breakfast, maybe add some fruit in perhaps, or you could have some tomatos or mushrooms with your bacon and egg sandwich.

Same with your dinners - potato (and sweet potato i think?) are not superfree so really you should add some veg, salad, or fruit.

If you struggle to get enough superfree, you could maybe try red or green days?

Also, do you always have all your healthy extras? As I think this is important.

Other than the above, your diary looks fine to me. And as I said, you are still haeding in the right direction so try not to get too disheartened if its not always as quick as you'd like.

Best of luck!!!

Thanks for the encouragement and advice emmster! I will up my superfree and see how it goes next week! :)

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