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Can you help please

Lillian I'm a type 2 diabetic and am on tablets not insulin. My doctor was happy to sign my form and even happier with the results of my hba1c's and my regular blood sugar testings - they have really dropped. I don't know though in all honesty about if you're insulin dependant - have you checked with your local LLC to see if they are aware of other people who are using insulin doing the diet?

Really hope you get sorted with this, please do keep us posted x


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You aren't allowed to do LL if you are insulin dependent unless you go into hospital and are monitored... my dad wanted to do it but as soon as insulin is mentioned, it's a big no no... it can be quite dangerous apparently :(
Thanks for your replies. I am actually a type 2 but because of my increased weight and deteriorating diabetes I was put on insulin. One consultant told me that if I lost some weight I might not need to be on insulin at all.

The Lighter Life counsellor said she would speak to a medical person in LL but she was away until the 25th. She suggested that the medical person might make an appointment with my doctor to try and answer his questions and enlighten him. I believe they have had people like me who have been very successful.

However, she has a class that is open for another two weeks before it closes (at a very convenient time to me), and I hoped that if someone had been in my position, she would be able to give me pointers on how she did it etc. to enable me to go back to my doctor with something positive to try and change his mind for me to be able to start this class.

I need to lose 12 stone and I am more at risk of stroke, heart failure etc. than I would be using LL and decreasing my need for insulin and BP tablets. The doctor said he is not going to take responsibility with LL but when I said to him that surely he has a responsibility if I had a heart attack or stroke, he said no it was my responsibility.

I will keep an eye on this thread in the hopes that maybe someone might be able to help.

Lilian :cry:


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This is what the LL website says about this topic:

"The LighterLife Programme is not suitable for people with type 1 diabetes as the care required to supervise type 1 diabetics is not available. (Similar VLCD programmes are available in hospitals where appropriate care can be given).

The LighterLife Programme is, however, suitable for people with type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes accounts for about 85% of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can be managed by diet alone or with tablets and, in more severe cases, insulin injections or a combination of all three. The majority of people with type 2 diabetes will be able to reduce or discontinue their medication by losing weight; with LighterLife Foodpacks, weight is lost so rapidly that clients may be able to reduce medication under medical supervision within days.

If you are on insulin or medication for type 2 diabetes, then it is very important that your diabetes should also be monitored regularly whilst you are on the LighterLife Programme. Blood-sugar levels are likely to decrease when using LighterLife Foodpacks due to their low carbohydrate content and if you maintain your usual doses of medication, you could be overmedicated. Please always discuss your medication requirements with your GP."



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My Father in law was type 2 diabetic (tablets) and started Lighterlife. Within a month, the diabetic nurse has told him that he is no longer diabetic.

The diet is ideal for type 2 diabetics and you might want to try another doctor, or failing that try Cambridge Diet instead.

If you cannot do these, then I would recommend a Low-Carb diet or a Low GL diet as these focus on controlling blood sugar levels (and hence the levels of insulin in the blood).

From what I have read, cutting the carbs has a massively positive effect on all diabetics (even type 1) and this fits in with how my dad had to manage his Type 1 diabetes for over 50 years - by weighing his carbs and making sure he didn't eat too much. He would inject insulin before each meal so it was important to measure the carbs to match the insulin.


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What the other's have said is I think totally, correct. Speak to another doctor for a second opinion. (I had to get my form signed by a private doctor) have heard of quite a few people who have been able to come off thier diabetes medication after just a few weeks on LL! So go for it! As Mikey said, if you can't get your form signed you could always do cambridge, although it doesn't have the councilling that LL has, it is very similar in all other ways. Good luck!

Thanks for that. I have looked at the Cambridge diet and unfortunately they do require the same as LL and they do have counsellors. However I am interested to hear that you managed to get a private doctor to sign it for you, and presumably has agreed to monitor you. I guess you do not have any medication for him to change. I would be willing to try a private doctor if that will do the trick, but could you please tell me how you go about finding a private doctor who will do this?

Mikey, I went on the Atkins diet (without cheating would you believe) for three years and lost three stone, and it was that which delayed me going on insulin in the first place. However, I cannot do it again as it was not very flexible. I agree with keeping the carbs down especially for a diabetic, that is why I want to do something like LL because it is not high carb replacement meals. There are a few replacement meals I can buy over the counter but they are all very high carbs.

Thanks Lemma for that information.

Hi Lillian - someone will correct me if I am wrong - but CD does have "counselors" in that they have someone you check in with and speak to weekly - but they are not "counsellors" that practice Cognitive Behaviour Counseling or Transactional Analysis which deals with why we overeat in the first place. LL counselors are more psychology counselors then diet counselors - if that makes sense.

Also, CD does not require a medical certificate, as I have read several times on this site.

If I am wrong, someone please correct me - that is just my understanding of it all.

Your LLC should know a private doctor to help you - if you choose to go that path. Be very careful thugh that you have done all your research to know this is safe for you to do, etc.

Good luck. :)
Blonde Logic,

I looked up the Cambridge Diet website and they say they need a doctor to do the same as LL. Could be, of course, they say that but do not strictly adhere to it like LL do. Perhaps I should ring my local CD counsellor and see what she says. I would, of course, prefer LL because of their specialised counselling and I know people who have been on it, whereas I do not with the CD.

I do not know whether LL will be 100% safe for me, but weighing up the risk between LL and remaining as I am, LL is the much safer bet.
Which is why I am so appalled at my doctor's attitude.


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