Warning: Ethan Lewis and Transcend Foods are Scamming Diabetics

Broccoli Taste

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I am telling people about a scam artist named Ethan Lewis, who has been targeting the diabetic and weight loss community. Ethan Lewis is the CEO of Transcend Foods, which claims to make "tasty" diabetic supplements for adults and young children. Be advised that Transcend Foods is a scam. It is not a real company. Ethan Lewis's products are dangerous and not FDA approved.

A friend of mine is a type 1 diabetic. She tried Transcend Foods. The next day she was in the hospital and she nearly lost a limb. Ethan Lewis has a long rap sheet of similar scams. He claims on television to be a type 1, but I've heard from people who asked him basic questions about diabetes. He got half of the questions wrong. To repeat, Ethan Lewis is a scam artist. Do not trust Transcend Foods if you are diabetic because the products could be very dangerous.