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Can you Join SW when you become pregnant?

I'm pretty sure you can, I'm sure there are some pregnant ladies on this forum somewhere who could give you an idea of how it works. I cant imagine how weigh in works for example - if pregnant you would be expecting to put on weight each week I would guess - but there's certainly no problem with most elements of the eating plan.

Are you thinking of joining a group? it might be worth looking up the contact details for the consultant of a nearby group and having a chat to see what they say - you can just do a search on nearest groups to your postcode on the main slimming world website.
I think you have to have your GP's go ahead, but yes. It's such a healthy way of eating that anyone would benefit from it.
I think you get more Healthy Extras than normal too, but not 100% on that.
would you genrally maintaine your weight and gaine just a litte as you get bigger or can you lose weight at the begining of PG as the lil one will still be quite small..
You need to get consent from your midwife to do SW but there is really no reason they would refuse, because its a great healthy eating plan and is, as far as I am aware, the only plan that they will allow you to do during pregnancy. There is no reason why you wouldnt lose weight, although obviously you will regain some as the pregnancy progresses, but you can do SW and stick with it right through the pregnancy and breastfeeding if you choose to.

If you go to a group, the consultants have a booklet available about SW in pregnancy which explains properly how to follow the plan when you are expecting. But do check with your midwife that its ok for you to go ahead.
you have to have a form signed by the midwife to say you can continue sw (you get this from the consultant in group) The midwife then sets you your targets and the sw consultant helps you stick to them.

Unfortunately there are no extra healthy extras unless you are breastfeeding

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