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Cant help myself!!!

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Hi everyone,
Just wondering if anybody else is like me?

I have young children and I just cant seem to stop picking, I use up all of my syns in the day on odd crisps here and some chocolate buttons there!!

I never get to have treats in the evening!!:cry:

It doesnt help that I make cakes for a living aswell! I always have to 'test!!' the mixture to ake sure it is good!!
Last night a cake came out of the oven and I ended up cutting it wrong and it couldn't be used, all hot and lovely I just couldnt resist, I did only have a tiny bit and now its sitting on my side calling me!!!!

Does anybody else have that problem? Does your work/kids interfere with SW?? xx
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My problem is that I work next door to a Parisian Bakery and all I can smell all day is either bacon cooking or bread baking. Also, the road I work on has probably about a dozen eateries, including a chippy and several Takeaways. The smell of curry as I finish work at night is overwhelming, especially if I'm hungry lol


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Everyone at my work has a Maccie D's for lunch on a Friday, I can still smell the chips :( and last week they all had donuts and steakbakes from Greggs! Torture :(

I made a point of telling them not to ask me if I wanted anything though! Weird thing is I didn't like Maccie D's until I started healthy eating and couldn't have any!
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Im the same as you bruggie, I have two small children and am at home with them at the moment so I find I pick - a lot. I do try to snack on free food but it doesnt always work.
Id love your job - baking cakes from home for a living sounds fab - what kind do you make, and do you need a special oven - sorry for being so nosy!
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Awe bless you, its sooo hard isn't it. You need to just take the leftovers straight to the bin and get rid of the food. Try covering the food with a napkin so you cann't see it or better still put a handfull of salt on it so its inedible. Its those little extras that mount up but your not getting the bennefit of them treatwise. Be strong and just chuck it away and have something for you in the evenings. Good luck.

Mrs V

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The simple answer would be to not buy the stuff in the first place....but thats being mean to your kids.
I have a daughter that has the occassional sweet, choc bar, but thats after I have got her to eat a piece of fruit first (I mean like that!)...I buy the SW friendly bits, so that if ever Im tempted, Im not going over board.


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I don't buy any sweets or goodies for the house. My daughter is allowed a treat on a Friday after school depending on her score for her spelling test....lol. If she get's 10/10 she can go a choose a cake from the local bakers.

I bake a couple of times a week. I make regular full fat cakes, cookies, flapjacks etc and take them to work or OH work and leave 1 or 2 for my daughter. I also make SW stuff such as scones, mince pies, apple betty etc. My daughter loves both, she can't tell the difference between them.

The only crisps we have are low syns ones, french fries, square crisps or the light ones.


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I don't think that not having sweets and crisps in the house is being mean to your kids. It's teaching the principles of good, healthy eating. But if you are going to have them I agree with the previous posters that you just to be a bit more clever about which ones you buy. :)

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