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Car Insurance quotes

Does anybody know where these insurance companies charge ridiculous prices for car insurance I have 10 years NCB and a license for 20years and Aviva were happy to say they had got me a really good quote for £727 for a 1 litre car .I think they must think we are mental.I know why the comapny is calle More than because they charge More than anyone else. Im really sick of being ripped off because of other peoples dodgy claims.
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700 notes??

Blimey for a 1.0l car. I recently switched from Tescos as they decided to try and take me for granted after 5 years. I am now with e-sure and have just renewed at a scandalous £361 (ish) but that is with protected no claims on a brand new car - apparently that is not too bad from listening to work colleagues.

You'll just have to do a comparison site search.


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That's outrageous! I renewed mine in October at just over £300, for a 1.4 litre and 3 years NCB. I'm with Endsleigh as they do really good rates for students, not worth going to if you're not a student, but I found Direct Line pretty reasonable when I was working.
My car insurance went up by nearly £200 this year for some reason. Ive not moved or had an accident! I have a 1.6 16v Saxo VTS with modifications and for TPFT it came in at £380 (although im paying more as I am paying in installments this year so bumps it up to £430) but last year I only paid £190 out in one hit. And thats with 8 years NCB protected! Outragous.
Ive tried every site going and when I try and buy they say currently it cant be done online. Last time I was with the post office when i got my renewal it had gone up £10 per month when I rang to see if they could do a better quote they said if I had been with them longer they maybe could have done something so I said you are willing to lose business before you could do a better quote he said sorry but couldnt do anything.

The thing is Im unemployed and I cant afford a large increase in payments.
Im sick of the comparison sites for the moment been on 3 hours.More Than sent me a letter to say they could save me £200 so i rang and when the quote came in it was £200 more than the others so i told them to take me off their list.
It's really annoying for me as I see what appear to be good deals on tv adverts, only to check online or the small print to see "Not available in Northern Ireland" :(

I've got a 1.4l car and I insured it through the Post Office for around about £250 if my memory serves me right. It's due for renewal in May so it'll be interesting to see what deals are available then.
Well it has been saying on the news papers etc car insurance up by 30% and i can believe it too.

Ive arranged cover fully comp £22.40 per month I was sick of looking.Ive never claimed and I dont stay loyal to one company as the price always goes up a fair bit so shopping around the year after.

Do you ever feel you just never have enough money for anything I try and be careful, whatever you have just doesnt last everyday things so expensive.

I do cook from scratch most days just as well if I bought a lot of convenience food it would be double the cost.

Fed up of the cost of life lately petrol, food utilities vat all go up never down.
So i'm not the only one annoyed by this at the moment! Mine's due for renewal at the end of this month and i couldn't believe 'the supposidly great' deal that my current company direct line are offering me - Its gone up nearly £200!! :eek: How?? I have 10 years no claims, no points or convictions, my car isnt big - its a peugeot 206. Why the massive increase?!

Helen xx


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I'm in the same position. Paid £440 last year and being quoted nothing less than £550 this year even with 7 years no claims!

I know I have a rubbish postcode but nothing has changed in the past year.

Definitely shop around. These companies offer nothing for loyalty so don't feel you should stay with them for the sake of it!

Oooh - and use Quidco for cashback. If you are not already with Aviva you can get £70 cashback if you apply online through Quidco. Can make all the difference.

There was a programme on the BBC about insurance recently - watchdog I think.

They said that people who stay with their current insurers get the worst deal, whereas if you shop around a bit, you tend to get better quotes as a new customer (so much for good customer service for loyal customers!).

Interestingly enough they said that Insurance premiums across the main companies have increased by 20%, and strangely enough - so have their profits!!


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I work in insurance, and as everyone has said, pricing can depend on lots and lots of factors - age, sex, location, where the car is kept, the car itself, etc etc. This all feeds off real statistics from past claims.

Unfortunately in the last couple of years due to a combination of lots and lots of weather related claims, as well as a massive increase in fraudulent claims (the kind where another 3 people miraculously appear to have been in the car at the time and all claim for various injuries), costs have risen massively for the companies themselves, and prices have had to go up to compensate.
In fact I'm losing my job at the end of this year as they are shutting our office to recoup costs.

Best thing to do is to ring round specific companies - don't always rely on internet quotes as you can often get it cheaper on the phone.

The other thing to bear in mind is each company or brand (as lots of companies have several brands) have their own target audience - so prices vary depending on the type of customer they're trying to get in.

Hope that helps a little x
I'm with Direct Line (new customer) they did mine for £322 (57 plate KA style) my renewal quote from Halifax was £495!! I tried loads of comparison sites and independents and they came up cheapest!!
When I spoke to Halifax she said prices had gone up in general cos of the bad weather more accidents etc
Gosh I thought I was being hard done by with my fully comp insurance going up from £146 to £176 this year. I have a focus 2ltr ghia and found LV cheapest. You can sometimes get a good deal if you are with a union (I'm with unison). I would never be able to afford to drive at some of the insurance quotes everyone is getting.
Ive had about 25 junk emails since being on the comparison sites and 6 missed calls all trying to sell me something.

There is no discount for loyalty you have to shop around,at one time if you didnt claim your insurance went down not, now you have to pay more for everyone who does claim.

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