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CD to sw/being a veggie

Hi everyone,

I had been doing Cambridge diet last year and again a little this year before coming off it. I have regained a few pounds so have just under a stone to loose and have been looking into joining sw.

I had prev been a ww fan but feel the need for something different but I haven't a clue how it works other than bits I have heard or read about

my main concern is how it works with being a veggie-is there enough varity of foods etc...are there any other veggies out there?

Any one else gone from cd to sw? How's it going, I'd appreciate any advice

thanks in advance xxx
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I can help! I am a veggie (well no meat but I do eat fish sometimes) and I have managed very well. You will need to do just green days but if you use lots of the different quorn bits, you will find you can have whatever you fancy. Basically, no food is banned so you can just enjoy lots of lovely, healthy food!
Good luck
I cant help with the veggie bit , although you should be fine with green days . But I have just started SW ( last week ) after CD and loving it !!! I lost 6 stone on TFR before my body told me to stop ..... I have another 1.5- 2 stone to loose and SW is amazing . I had 5 days between CD and SW , and I gained 6 lb due to recarbing ect .. but I was expecting that so its ok :)
I had my 1st SW weigh in today and lost 4 lb so I am very very happy as I have spent all week stuffing my face , or it certainly feels like it .
I am finding that I have to remind myself that eating is ok now , as every day I feel guilty about eating so much .. but then remind myslef its all on plan and all healthy food which makes my body happy :)

Good luck, I am sur eyou will totally love the plan , it really is fabulous :)
Thanks Debbie for your reply. I have just been Reading your diary-what an inspiration! I saw you had a spell on cd too. It suited me v well last year and I went from 12.3 to 9.6 in three months then stopped. I returned to it briefly in feb but struggled as i had had a taste of food and went the other way and ate to much as felt too restricted. I've been trying to do ww at home but really need a group and more guidence.

Thanks determinator for your post too, I'm currently 10.2 and want to be 9.4 (Im 5ft2.5!) I'm doing a lot of research on sw tonight as the meetings are on Thursdays so I think I might go for it! I too feel guilty when I eat so would be nice to be free of that. When you get to goal do you get free meetings like you do on ww?



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Yes! When you call target you become a target member, and so long as you stay within 3lb above or below your target you can attend class and weigh in for free! It is a great motivator :D

You would love the green plan being a veggie - loads of free foods to base your meals on - you will never feel hungry. Once your body has adapted to the change from cd, you will be amazed at how you lose weight eating all this fabulous food! xx


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I'm pescatarian, although I can rarely face fish, and SW suits me 110%. I've been on plan for over two years, and couldn't imagine eating any other way.

Thanks Poppygirl! Yeah, I did CD for a couple of weeks to boost losses when they hit a plaateaux and it just didn't suit me, for me this is as much about learning to 'eat' properly as losing weight so SW is my perfect plan and now just a way of life. CD did boost my losses though so I can thank it for that and would probably do another little burst at it again if I hit a long plateaux but SW is what has changed my life.

Hope you love the plan, it's def worth getting the green day recipe book as there are some yummy bits in there, plus also look at the recipes online and on here as they have some super ideas to keep things varied. Will be keeping up with how you're doing xx

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