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CDC appointments

sorry for all the questions!!

how long does it take roughly to get an appointment?

do u start on that day or do u need to get drs to sign forms etc

what can i expect from my cdc in terms of support etc

im so nervous the LLC i had was a right battleaxe and i found it to be very cult like she was like ABSTINENCE GRRRR lol and very forceful and made me feel very guilty for even thinking bout food lol theres was NOTHING in her house cept foodpacks and tonnes of bottled water NOTHING!
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How long it takes to get an aoppintment depends on your CDC, depends on the hours they do, how busy they are, etc. To the best of my knowledge you only need a doctors form signed if you are on medication or have a bmi over 40

As for support, again, it depends on the CDC, they all seem to operate differently


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Hi Chuckie

As CDCs work for themselves, appointments are basicaly down to their schedules. Which is why it can be a good idea to get the number of a few of them to ensure you find one that can fit in with you, and you with them.

Depending on whether or not you are on any medications, or have a BMI over 40, you may or may not need your medical record form signed. Obviously it also depends on what time of day your appointment is whether you can start that day or not.

Your relationship with your CDC is a two-way street - you need to let him/her know what you want/need in terms of support, contact, etc and they can let you know if that's how they work.

I always let my clients know that this is their plan, not mine. I can tell them exactly how it works, what they should or shouldn't do, but I am not their 'Enforcer' - I'm their guide - they can choose whether or not to accept my advice.

So you see, doing CD is YOUR experience. You can bring the good parts of your LL experience with you, and leave behind the bits you didn't like.

Good luck and I hope I answered some of your questions.

thanx for the advice, im loving this forum already! i can only find one CDC in my area so ill contact her 2moro as i will hve to get consent as my bmi is 42 and im on metformin for pcos.


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When you contact her, see if you can get her to send you the Medical Record Form so you can get a Dr's appointment and get it signed. That way at your first meeting with her you can get cracking straight away. :D
brill yeah i will do, another q can i have the tetras in the 1st 2 weeks? this would make life soooooo much easier lol no blender at work!


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You can have the tetras from day 1, although some counsellors charge more to supply them as they cost more.

If you know you want mainly tetras, it's well worth letting your counsellor know that in your initial consultation so they can make sure they have enough in stock.
ill want 7, would i need to inform her of that? i dont wanna seem like a pain in the backside before ive even started!!

can i only have them as shakes from day one can i make the ice cream muffins etc straight away?

i really struggled with just shakes on LL


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I would let her know - different CDCs keep different levels of stock in. And no, she won't think you're being a pain - you're making things easier as you know what you want in advance.

I advise my clients not to make the shakes/muffins, etc from day one but to do it as 'clean' as possible to get the best results, but again this is something you should talk to your CDC about.
thanx for all your help!! ill keep u posted with how i get on x


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Good luck mate, got a good vibe for you ;)

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