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CDC Question - please - re food after being ill - slightly urgent


Loves being slim!
I'm sorry to be a pain. As you may have noticed I was feeling rubbish yesterday. Turns out I was going down with a sickness bug. (Yay weight loss, lets be positive in a bad situation..)

So, I haven't eaten since last night, Just drank water all day and I don't feel like a milkshake or porridge (I threw that up last night...) and definately not a chocolate bar,:jelous: so what would you recommend I eat?

Normally I'd have toast or a small amount of scrambled egg after I'm ill, but I don't want to jinx the diet.

I fancy savoury and light, what would you suggest for the best?

I'd be really grateful for advice, as I think my tummy now hurts for food rather than being ill if you see what I mean?

Thank you.
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I think on the back of being ill I would have whatever food I can hold down. You will need the protein and other nutrients especially. Having a sickness bug may have dehydrated you and also taken some of the salts your body needs.
I, personally, would have plain foods, nothing fried or oily for at least the next couple of days while your body recovers. Then restart the diet. You need to look after your health in order to diet successfully iyswim.


Loves being slim!
Thank you so much. I've gone with a ww carrot and lentil soup. I figure that's probably better than the carbs I'm craving.
Fingers crossed it stays down.


Loves being slim!
Thanks Abz.
I'm wavering between being ok, and nauseus so far, but the soup has stayed put.
I'm so glad I had people here to turn to when it happened.
I'd also try things like plain roast chicken. Hope you are feeling better soon x

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