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Changing from SW


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Thats what I think I am doing wrong. Do you follow Pro Points? Is is very different from the old points system?

I have read a little bit about it, is fruit, salad and veg 0 points?

Hiya. Ive moved over from SW on 13th June and in 8 weeks Ive lost 11lbs (some may find that slow but for me its ideal as I'm eating anything I like and don't feel like Im on a diet)

I have found that at the moment WW pro points fits better with my lifestyle. Both plans work great but I believe that you will only be sucessful if the plan fits into your lifestyle.

Personally I found the Healthy Extra B too restrictive, there are days where its more ideal to have a Cereal for breakfast, a Sandwich for Lunch and then a quick dinner like Spag Bol. On SW that would have resulted in me using my syns on one of my meals as I only had one/two HEB.

WW does allow for unexpected meals out without falling off the wagon. I just need to work my points out and use my weeklies if needs be.

Like everything in life, to have the pro's of flexability and the freedom to eating anything there are the cons - weighing and counting.

If you are prepared to weigh everything, count all foods and adapt portion sizes then WW is the way forward.

I do intend to go back to SW when I have reached me goal weight (I cant see myself counting all my life) I find that I lose better on WW and maintain on SW.

Hope this is some help


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Thank you very much Cheekypasterfield. 11lb in 8 weeks is brilliant.

I have been looking at the PP plan and its looks like I will still be able to eat the same as I did with SW but I feel it would give me the control I need when.

You're right about the use of the points as I feel that if I need to grab something quick I can do so within my daily points.
How many points would I be allowed? I am 5ft 3in and weigh 11st 9lbs.

And do you have to use the 49 weekly points?

Thank you again for your help.


You're welcome. I use all my weeklies and have had a loss every week. Ive decided to use all my weeklies until my weight loss stops and when that happens I will then reduce them slightly. Whilst I am losing with all my weeklies I will keep having them. They made the plan so much easier.

They way I work them is that I stay within my daily points Monday to Thursday and then spend my weeklies over Fri, Sat and Sun as these are the 3 days when I need extra points.

I believe you will be on a daliy Allowance of 29 with an additional 49 weeklies. There is a website that can calculate your daily allowance. I'll have a look and post it on this thread.

Would you go to classes or do it at home? WW are doinga a dulexe pack for £19.95 and you get the WW Shopping Guide, Eating out Book, Tracker book, calculator and either a exercise dvd or tape measure. It would have cost over £40 if you bought the items seperately.

I joined the class, got the ww booklets and bought the pack. I have since done the plan at home


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I would be doing it at home, I saw that offer and I think I am going to go for it.

I would also be using my weeklies on Fri and Sat.

Thanks again.

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