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Changing to slimming world



soon to be skinny minnie
sw is based on food optimising, basically there is lots of free foods you can eat freely, dairy and high fibre are measured (healthy extras) and then you can have a certain amount of syns which could be taked as sweets, crisps, alcohol , sauces, or extra fibre and dairy.

It is a great plan, good luck x
ok thanks. Will go to the meeting tomorrow to find out more and see if it is for me.
If you love your food and love choice and flexibility it will be great for you! I've done this for 18months and it's never felt like a diet to me. Good luck!
The great thing about SW is you should never ever be hungry - its not like WW where you can run out of points.

Good luck!!!
hey naomi, I have done sw in the past and it is the best plan by far. I found the reasons why sw is so good is because if you plan your meals you can pretty much eat whatever you like. You NEVER feel hungry. You ALWAYS feel healthy. But the best part is that your social life doesn't suffer because you can eat out without having to make it obvious that you are on a diet. I am actually starting back on SW tomorrow so if you need any encouragement, i'm your girl! good luck!
Hi all

Well i went to the meeting and i have decided sw is not for me. I prefer ww so i have signed up for that instead. My sister is sticking with sw though, so we will be waiting to see who has better losses. :D:D
Thanks for all your replies

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