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cheap and ww friendly!


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I dont know if you have an iceland by you but they do WW meals for £1 each ? or at the moment morrisons got the ww ready meals (chilled) so £1.18 instead 2.37

potato is 1point for 100g so thats a good option.

I also think i read *dont hold me to this* that sainsburys basic spag bol sauce was 4.5 points for half a jar and its like 34p **I THINK** :rolleyes:

Bran flakes are low and a cheap option for breakfast.

I cant think of anything else that I eat LOL


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O pt soups made with cheap veg such as carrots, tinned tomatoes and a leek/courgette are good options. Mainly because you're adding plenty of stocks so you get lots more meals for your money.

Pasta sauces - try using frozen veg as that's loads cheaper. I often use frozen peppers, passata/tinned tomatoes, herbs/chilli and I also use Quorn sausages quite a bit. You get 8 for about £2 usually and I microwave and chop 1-2 up to add bulk to pasta dishes instead of meat. They're 1 pt each aswell so low pointage. Tinned tuna and sweetcorn are also good, cheapy options for either pasta or baked potatoes.

Try making stuff in batches, e.g. a huge thing of bolognese sauce which you freeze into portions. Bulk it out with plenty of veggies (carrots again are cheap!) and then you've got ready made meals - I use bolognese for pasta and jkt pots aswell.

Adding beans and/or lentils to stews can bulk them out very cheaply. Try to buy things that are in season at the mo as well - beetroot, pumpkin, BNS are all in season in Oct.


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Sainsburys do bags of 20 frozen sausages for about £2.40. Great for bangers & mash or sausage casseroles adding carots, swede etc.

Pasta is cheap and cheerful, I make a carbonara type dish with a tub of extra light Philly(£1.40ish) and smoked turkey rashers (£2). Make a sauce by frying rashers, mushrooms and onions, adding cheese and stock pour onto spaghetti. I also make roasted veggies and put on top of pasta with passata. How bout making gnocchi? Potato and flour made into little dumplings.

Stir fries are great too, Tesco sell a large 500g bag of quorn chicken style pieces for £2, and you can make a tasty curry with it too.

Hope I've given you a few ideas x
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stirfry is nice and cheap homemade soups!! and as someone said iceland do the ww meals for £1!! :D

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