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  1. Dinkey

    Dinkey Full Member

    Two of my friends have cheated, one has lost over 6 stones the other 4.

    Once a fortnight they have a night off, go out for a meal and drink.

    I can not see myself sticking it out 100% especially if I wish to socialise now and again and especially over Christmas.

    However, for now I am sticking to it until I lose my bulk.

    As long as I can still lose weight even if a little slower I am still winning:rolleyes:
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  3. saraian24

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    Im not doing it over crimbo - its crimbo! but i try my best up till then!
  4. Bunnyg

    Bunnyg Determined

    Hey, interesting. Thing is for me, I had a planned break for my holiday and I am struggling to restart to I couldn't do it by having frequent cheats. Once I manage successfully to get back on track, I am sticking 100% to it! x
  5. Bunnyg

    Bunnyg Determined

    Yeh, I won't be able to resist crimbo either, but 100% till crimbo and then hopefully the new year motivation will kick in after!
  6. sweetsurrender

    sweetsurrender Member


    No way I can think of cheating, I NEVER wanna go through this stage again!!
  7. kelly1977

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    I wont be doing CD over xmas, I go out to alot of parties & meals so not practical, but hopefully will reach my goal by then..

    You have to work CD the way to suit you..

  8. jabbathehut

    jabbathehut This is the last time!!

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    I started CD with a friend and whilst I was 100%, she cheated every single week. Some weeks though, her losses were bigger than mine, even though I was 100% and it was really hard not to give up myself.
    I haven't managed a 100% week since August :(:(. I haven't been excessive or stupid, but I have had a little something at some point in the week.
    BUT!!!! My friend has finally decided to sack the diet, and I don't have anything at all planned socially in the next 6 weeks, so I really am committed now.
    I think once you have given in to food, the temptation is always there. For the first 8 weeks I was totally in the zone and didn't so much as lick my fingers if they had food on. I intend to find that zone again and crack it, stamping out the temptation, and without the despondancy of seeing my friend get on the scales at weigh in and finding out she has lost more than me despite eating enough to feed a small army, I am sure I will be able to succeed.
  9. AmandaJayne

    AmandaJayne Trainee Maintainer

    A really thought-provoking thread Dinkey. Thanks for starting it.

    I got to goal with LL a couple of years ago, having lost 100lb, not cheating once. I was finally a size 10/12 for the first time ever, from a 24.

    So, why or why was I nearly back to square one this year? Why was it not enough to get to my dream size and weight? Why, after following the rules to the letter, did I still cock it all up?

    It's simple really. Long term I use food as a coping strategy, to cope with feelings I can't (or won't) express. To enable me to switch off and relax. To give me a feeling of relief when it all gets a bit too much.

    Dealing with this is not simple. Following the rules does not solve the problem.

    A few weeks ago I decided to start CD. This time I was not prepared to 'follow strict rules' again - this time I had to introduce a degree of flexibility. I had to 'test the waters' regularly to monitor how I coped. So, sometimes I will have an evening meal, sometimes not. Ususally it will be low carb, occasionally not. I don't get worked up if it contains stuff which is not low carb. I keep an eye on the bigger picture, I stay vigilent for the 'crooked thoughts, and the anxiety feelings which draw me to want to eat to suppress feelings.

    This means that it may take 'longer' to achieve my goal. But so what. What is important is that I learn this time to maintain my goal. It may take the rest of my life and it is entirely possible that CD will remain an integral part of my daily diet. It is probable that I won't be 'cured' but will have to 'manage' my addiction long term.

    Dinkey, we all learn different lessons. We are all different. Try not to compare yourself to others. It will just cloud the issue. Your weightloss journey is yours and yours alone. If you see other people 'cheat', it is not a reflection on your achievements, or theirs.

    Dinkey, you will be in danger of reacting to what your friends do, for example, you don't want to eat during the Christmas holiday, but dwelling on your friends who can eat and still lose weight, you might tie yourself up in knots thinking about it. The crooked thoughts will take over and you may eat. You may then feel that you've 'failed', feel guilty, and feel like giving up.

    What I'm trying to say is, this is YOUR weightloss journey of discovery, and yours alone. Everybody is different, and have different lessons to learn.

    I remember giving birth to my first child. I lay there exhausted on the bed and suddenly saw a small, pinkish wriggling creature at the end of the bed. Boy was I surprised. "A baby." I thought. "Blimey, that's what all this fuss and effort has been for all these months." I had been so focused on preparing for the pregnancy and the delivery, that I'd quite forgotton the end result. That's when I realised that I was not at the end of a pregnancy, but the beginning of the greatest challenge of my life - raising a new human being.

    It's a bit like that with losing excess weight. It is only when you finally get to goal, that you realise that now the real hard work begins...

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  10. Starlit_Cazza

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    I am finally back on SS properly after a few little blips and a planned break. Am planning to SS/SS+ up until christmas, and really hoping to get another 3-4 stone off by then (not feeling confident right now but not had a loss in a couple of weeks - my own fault). However I am going out for my birthday in 3 weeks and cant decide what to do - want to do SOMETHING for my birthday because to be honest the last few have been bloody awful. But need to find something to do that doesnt include eating and drinking, and then need to see if I have any friends who will actually want to spend my bday with me lol.

    After that I have a couple of minor events in October, but they are minor enough to be SS+'able, then fingers crossed I can go right on through til christmas.

    Hoping to be under 18 stone for my birthday - 08/10 - currently about 18st 10 (ish) so need to get myself into gear. Hopefully I can get nearly a stone off in 2 1/2 weeks? lol
  11. jabbathehut

    jabbathehut This is the last time!!

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    AmandaJayne, what a beautiful and well said post. Very thought provoking xx
  12. lillypop

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    Really interesting to hear what you had to say and I hope that CD works for you xx
  13. sumayyah

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    was cambridge now exante
    i ssed last christmas and was fine with it but then christmas day was me and my daughter and her blended mush wasnt that appealing, lol

    this christmas im still deciding weather to ss+ that day as i know im the kind of person that if i have a wee bit of something i shouldnt i wont stop ( hence the reason im on a re start after picking a lil bit for last few weeks and losing nothing )

    im apparently hosting christmas for me and wee girl, my sis her partner and his parents! so not sure how it will go down if i ss as sis partner is from a spanish family and they love big family meals, been to one of theres, eating and talking went on for hours!

    in the end thou i have to do what is right for me as does everyone else.
    something i read last year thou ( think it was ice moose that posted it ) that you need to make a plan weather to eat or not and stick to that so if youve made the plan to eat at christmas dont go feeling guilty about what youve decided your going to have as if you start with the guilt then your more likely to add in extra food thinking well ive done it now might as well continue
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