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Chicken Balls and hello!!!!!!

:) Hello,

I am new to MiniMins as of about 2 minutes ago.

A bit about me, well I am on the Weightwatchers programme (not a diet!) and so far I have lost 5 stone 10 lbs!!! It has taken my just over a year and I have around another stone to go to get to goal.

I have another weigh in tonight and depending on how it goes, it will determine how bad I am in the chinese later!! hehe!

I do have a question about chinese though... chicken balls... I dont know about you, but my chinese gives you 8 chicken balls with your chips and curry sauce...

How many points are there in these chicken balls, I have seen answers running from 1 point to 10 points each!

Can anyone shed any light!!??


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Hi Gillian,

Can't help you with Chicken Balls but I am sure someone might have an answer for you shortly.

I just wanted to welcome you to MiniMins and say congratulations and very well done on your fantastic weight loss!!!

Love Mini xxx


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I've been wondering about the chicken balls for ages!! I feel a fool now... i counted one as about 5points! cause i wasn't sure... when all along it was what about 1.5 / 2 points? damn it!!! lol :p thanks for this! ... also anyone know how many points the curry sauce is please? i usually have the rice / noodles / curry sauce special they do... rice i count as 5 and noodles as 4 (i go by just halving what a full portion should be) and i count the curry sauce about 3 or 4? this right? thanks :)
It was in the old weight watchers eating out guid and was 10.5 points.

It was in the old weight watchers eating out guid and was 10.5 points.

That's for a portion of 10? or for 8?

Trying to still work out how much they are each lol :) if it's for 10 then be about a point each? surely that can't be right?


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I would have thought they were loads more than one each there really fatty.
In the Eating Out Guide that I got last year (not sure if there is a newer edition), it says that chicken Balls are 10points per portion. But it doesn't say how many are in a portion!

I would presume that the portions of 8-10 balls that we get from most Chinese Takeaways, are meant to serve 2people! So I would reckon each ball to be around 2 to 2.5points each, depending on their size.

Chicken Nuggets are around 1point each, so as the Balls are larger and there is a little more batter, I would think 2-2.5points each is a good estimate. What does everyone else think?
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I would have thought they were higher than 2 points each as there fried in oil, which would make the sat fat quite high. When ive had them in the past i take the batter of a couple to save a few points and make my own sweet and sour sauce :)
If I've ever had them, I've counted them as 2points each and it never hampered my weightloss, so 2points can't be too far out. If the eating out guide says 10 per portion then a portion must be 4 or 5 balls, surely??? I don't know! lol Interesting Question though!! And it must be so hard to point takeaway food as every restaraunt and Takeaway cooks and prepares it's food in different ways and in different amounts. I guess when they made the eating Out Guide they took an average???
thanks for the help everyone! at one time i counted one as 5points! they just seem a hell of a lot more than 2! lol, but will count them as 2.5 just in case :) oh and thank you Manny i was wondering about the curry sauce! i usually count it as 4! oops lol ah well better to be safe than sorry! :)
WOW im in shock at that! would have thought chicken balls would be so much more!!! :O relieved though had them last week from the chinese and felt so ashamed as had said no take away as was going out at the weekend drinking (too much lol :p) and ended up with 2!!... but shockingly was able to still lose weight!! at least i dont have to worry too much about them... does any1 know if a BBQ sauce would be the same as the curry or more? xx

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