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Choc apple

bought one or made one?
If bought - where from/what make/what calories?
If made - what are the ingredients?

I will try to help, but need a little more info!!
do you have access to the syns calculator? I would put the nutritional information into the calculator selecting your free food as apple or has it got not nutritional information whatsoever on it?(so long as first ingredient listed is an apple, if it is more chocolate than apple and chocolate is listed first, then I would say it wont qualify for a free food allowance and will be 1 syn for every 20 calories).

If there is no nutritional information at all, you will have to guesstimate by the amount of chocolate on it. For instance 28g of chocolate (generic) is approx 7.5 syns.

Also people do check the syns forum regularly, you just have to be patient. It just makes more work for the mods if you post in the wrong section.
Nope no nutrition info at all. I've eaten it now, will limit syns tomorrow just in case! Sorry that it's in wrong section just needed quick reply!
I've just checked on line and in the book and I can't find it. If I had to guess as britmum points out choccy is approx 7.5 syns per 28g and 28g is next to naff all!

I would 'guestimate':
Apple = 0 syns
Choccy = 56g = 15 syns

VERY approximate, but 28g of chocolate is tiny. Always check syns before you buy/eat!!

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