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Yup - otherwise your just paying a fiver to use someone elses scales :) - but am missing weigh in entirely this week as cannot get back from work in time. Its the best bit - and i do not usually buy in to all that motivational happy chappy stuff
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When I have went to classes in past I have never stayed but decided that this time I will. (first class was last week). Hope it will keep me on track and pick up tips and advise from other members.


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I stay yes. Though through the holiday times will be either going and staying to the other group my c does in the evening or just going in and being weighed in the morning


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I did when I went to a good class, some of the members have so much knowledge it's invaluable!


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Yep, always. No point in paying 4.95 just to get weighed!
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i try to, but my class goes on forever!!!!!

7:30pm - 9:15pm usually


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I usually do unless I have plans with DH/family. My group is quite small and friendly now (it wasn't last year, so I rarely stayed).


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I don't stay every week as it goes on too long. Try to stay every other week or so tho. Sometimes it's helpful, a lot of the time it's the same people saying the same things every week.

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I stay every week. I like to get value for money, and I learn so much from the others if I stay


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I stay every week and find it really helpful, the other members are really supportive and same people stay every week and I've even made good friends for outside class.


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Have to say that I've only ever not stayed twice. Why stay? because the group has become a bunch of friends and invariably every week I come away with some new idea or another and feeling inspired - as I hope I inspire them.

If I'm honest - if i didn't stay - I'd never have succeded with how far I've got. The two times I didn't stay - once I didn't feel like being around people as I'd just been told my role was about to be made redundant. The other - I had been in pain all day and weighed in on my way to A&E (in hindsight, seeing as I then got admitted for three nights - probably not the wisest of decisions to make).


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yeah i do havent missed a week yet. i love going to class we have a great group and we have a great laugh and everyone is supportive and we have a great consultant too. i think id fall off the wagon more often if i didnt stick to group.


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I usually stay unless I'm going out for a meal or feeling ill. Didn't stay last night though but only because it was a different class and I didn't know anyone there and was wanting home and took about an hour after I left class to get home.


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I always stay to class and have made some great friends, which was important to me as I have recently stopped work and didn't know many people apart from my immediate neighbours because of working long hours.

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I stay every week, it's great to find out how other members are getting on and to pick up some great tips. Some members have been there for years and have so much knowledge. I also find it very motivating, and as mentioned before better value for money - can't see the point in paying £4.95 a week just to be weighed, could do this myself at home! X


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I stay almost every week, some times I have to come home after WI though if I've got the kids.

I find it so useful. My leader isn't particularly good but the people in the class are really helpful and I've picked up a lot of tips and hints from them. It also feels good to talk about my personal weight loss that week. I honestly believe that staying to image therapy is the reason I've lost so much without giving up. I had a few weeks at the beginning where I only lost 0.5lb for 2 weeks running, I was all set to give up but I had lots of suggestions from the others and the next week I lost 2lbs.
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I didn't to begin with but just changed class and enjoy staying to hear Tips and it is very motivating!

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