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clothes to throw or not to throw ??


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last time i lost weight i trew away the clothes that didn't fit as i lost weight. but then when the weight crept on i had no bigger clothes.
but by keeping them i feel like i am saying the the weight loss isn't going to last :confused:

what did everyone else do???
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I gave all mine to the charity shop but i wish i'd kept a pair of trousers just to try on occassionally to remind me how well i had done. I often think about getting a big pair in the Matalan sale or similar then when i feel the pounds going on, i can try the trousers on and get back on track again. I do not want to go back to where i was.


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When I lost all of my weight, I gave everything to a charity shop. The only mistake I made was not to buy size 12's, instead I wore loose 14's. I have now put 2 1/2 stones back on. My size 14's are so tight I had no choice but to come back to Cambridge. I'm now on day 5 and in love with Cambridge again:). Who knows, if I had kept some old clothes I may have just reverted to type and kept putting on weight.


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i think if you keep them you are saying i will fit in them again and the thought of having to buy bigger clothes might get you back on track

cheers ladies
Flog the decent stuff on ebay and the rest in a charity bag. Its definately a good mental thing I think to chuck them out, your just saying "I wont be needing them now as they are too big". Also wearing stuff thats too big puts pounds on you, in return pick up cheap stuff off ebay, charity shops and supermarkets and dont go spending much until you are stable:)


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i will give them to charity rather than just chuck them or i have aunties who will happily take them off my hands i come from a family of rounded ladies lol


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i had SO MANY clothes, and i donated 3 big black bin sacks full and am in the process of selling loads on ebay too.

It's quite scary seeing all my clothes go especially as i am a hoarder but i am determined not to go back to the size i was. As i am the tightest person in the world with spending money on myself i think if i put on weight and have to shell out for larger sizes that will kill me!

but with the ebay proceeds, i bought my designer jeans and my dream handbag so it's all good!


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mmmmmm jeans and hangbags good for you.
you have worked so hard it must be nice to treat yourself i can't wait to be at the weight where i enjoy buying clothes


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When i was bigger i just bought plain old run of the mill boring jeans and t shirts, i have totally lost how to shop. I don't know what suits me and i'm not even sure i know what i like anymore as its been so long. I think i might treat myself to a personal shopper in somewhere like Debenhams when i get to goal.


can see the end in sight!
mmmmmm jeans and hangbags good for you.
you have worked so hard it must be nice to treat yourself i can't wait to be at the weight where i enjoy buying clothes
Thanks Kerry! not quite enjoying it yet, when i drop comfortably into a 12/14 i think i will be the unstoppable shopping machine. You will be there soon, but i defo think getting rid of bigger clothes is the way to go. unless you have something you really love (i have a little black dress which i love in a size 18) then maybe get it altered when you get to goal?


This is the last time!!
See, I like to buck the trend. I gave away most of my 'big' clothes, and then had to buy more when I got big again. So this time round, I'm keeping them 'just incase' because I can't afford to be replacing things i gave away again.
BUT! I dont keep them anywhere near me, they will be cleared into a suitcase and stored in the attic or somewhere. Out of sight, out of mind. And this time, when my nice clothes get snug, I'll stop stuffing my face to make them comfortable again, instead of reaching for the next size.
If I manage to maintain a sensible weight for a decent length of time, then I'll get rid of the bigger stuff.


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Say GOODBYE to them all.......
Ive said goodbye to everything that doesnt fit me now..... I have turned into a shopaholic which is scary..... I buy clothes every day.. but changing size all the time.. I have been selling some stuff on ebay too espeically things with labels or that I have only worn once..
GET RID OF THEM you dont want to go back there xxx


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mollydog it is hard do you have a friend or relative who is good and the clothing thing that could take you shopping? my sister and me have this thing when we are shopping that you have to pick something that you would never normally choose then try it on sometimes i am surprised by how they look many an outfit was born that way. remember you don't have to buy it just because you tried it on.

Jabba very sensible thinking there keep it till you have been maintaining


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I know exactly what you mean. Me and my friend were trying my dressy going out clothes on yesterday so she could borrow some for her hols. We were originally the same size 18-20. They are hugh on me and fit her still. They are brand new. I said she could borrow them but really I should give them to her, but I am scared. What if I put the weight back on? I agree, its like saying, I will keep them for when I get that size again, but a) will I get to that size again and b) will they still be fashionable if and when I do. Someone may as well get the pleasure of them rather than sitting in my wardrobe.


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I have a friend coming over tomorrow night to help me go through my clothes and I'm going to chuck out everything that is now too big. I'm determined never to wear big again! I love the fact that I'm now wearing clothes I never thought I'd fit into again - so glad I didn't throw those out!!
Later this week I am going to give my wardrobe a massive clear out and I am going to get rid of all my big clothes (I have already got rid of some of them) because I never want to get big again.... since I can now fit into a size 12 I have been shopping most days, not sure my credit card can stand this, so definately will not be able to afford to buy big clothes again, so will just have to stay this size forever... lol


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I actually only recently gave mine away. My mother is big so she took most of them, although alot of my clothes were too big even for her. I had been holding onto them for about a year, and I suddenly realised that they were just taking up room, that's it, no other benefit. I'll NEVER be wearing them again, so why have them to clutter up my house. I was a size 24, I'm now a size 14/16, and I love walking into pretty much any shop to buy clothes now, something I could never do before. So I'm not giving that up, I'll never put the weight back on, and I've very definite about that, so why keep the clothes!!!

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My CDC does a clothing exchange so I've got rid of all my old clothes there, even the ones I would normally keep "for old" (which I would always end up fitting back into of course).

Felt like keeping my old clothes would be like planning ahead for failure. Kept just one large pair of trousers though which I try on when I'm feeling a bit low - works wonders in lifting my mood :)
I kept mine on the way up am chucking them away on the way down - it's too easy to just get out the next size otherwise, I think it will help with maintenance.

I'll keep some for my daughter though, how is at 11 almost the same height as me and has bigger feet already.


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