cnt stop eating!!


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hi sherrie quite often i have the same problem i can't stop thinking about food but know i can't be hungry cause i'm eating more now than i used to, when i'm in this mode i just try and keep busy i was looking for something to eat just minute but stopped myself and came on here, i have always been a mindless eater just eating for the sake of it i have to change the way my brain thinks about food thats how i got fat in the first place i ask myself do i really want it or do i want to lose weight more...... a minute on the lips a lifetime on the hips lol sorry probably not much help to u but good luck :)


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Ye it cud b a confusion with thurst as i dnt drink much as it is. ill try drinkin n cuming on here wen im hungry nxt time. I just cnt seem to get motvated tho x


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If you really are hungry then have something to eat! If you are not sure then wait 20-30 minutes and see how you feel then as it takes time for your body to register it is full.

By the way you probably want to change your profile - unless of course you really are 13 feet tall :D


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You should never be hungry on this plan, there's just too much food that you're allowed to eat!!

Instead of thinking about the food you miss, and aren't able to have (well, have as much as you'd like of because of syns!), think about what you are allowed. It's ok to snack, just stay within your syns, fill up on free food where possible, and just remember to stop eating when you are satisfied.


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Spend a couple of hours cuttng up vegetables into crudites sp? - into sticks lol.

Also, go mad with your fresh fruit for these moments too!

Carrot and cucumber seem to work well for me;)