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coke zero

The old book said yes, but no more than a pint a day, the new book says not on your nelly!



Talks too much
thats ok then, as long as ur being sensible!! sorry for gettin at u when u were just asking a simple question hun! with the coke zero, i know that one bottle doesnt knock me out of ketosis but i would only have one a week.
hmm i leave it then. ive been the docs today and ive got a serious case of septic tonsilitis so my mouth feels mingin. wanted some flavour!!!!its ok every1 i no is kickin off at me for goin back on it. i got so close to goal and went mad!but been ok today so hopefully a few weeks wont kill me!

WOW you look great just been looking at your blog,l'm just about to start and you are are a true inspiration thanks!!!
the throat is horrendous!really hard to get water down but im gettin through the pain!being ill is mad i propa hallucinate in my sleep when i get all hot flushes.oh well. its a week off work i guess. got an appointment to go the hosp in may to see about gettin them out cos i suffer alot with them! airhead thanks for ur comment!i forget how much weight ive actually lost some times! maybe ill do a little dance..............


with my bum out cos its alot smaller than it used to be wooooooooooooo


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