Come Dine With Me


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Anyone watching CDWM?

Tonight's hostess is a SW'er from Worcester I think - she mentioned 2/3 free to 1/3 superfree during her prep.

She's done well losing 4.5 stone but I think she's let her main course down a bit - it looked, and the others commented on it being very dry & uninspiring :sigh:
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Yeah I saw it. Think I might try her pate started - it looked lovely and I'm a massive pate lover.

I agree about the main being dry - the gravy she put on looked a bit insipid too.
I thought it was a mistake for her to tell people her ingredients (quark, etc.) before they marked her food. One woman obviously really liked the starter until she found out there was no cream in it!

She should have waited until later in the week. I agree with the comments on the main course, though - it could have looked a lot better, and as we all know there are some really good SW recipes out there!


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I rarely miss it but sods law I missed it last night. I was gassing on the phone.


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I love this show!
I would like to see a SW only group one week.
They must look at all the contestants in one area and pick 4 who are the most opposite to each other, It's what makes the show so watchable. I wonder what people are like off camera when they see the shown programme and the comments from the others?............


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I love this show!
I would like to see a SW only group one week.......

That'd be good. We could have SW Masterchef as well. In fact we could have our very own TV channel, with adverts for new low syn / syn free / HEx products, exercise programmes, makeovers... oh we could keep them busy!!!


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I wish there was at least one chef on tv that cooked things slimming world style. I know you can adapt recipes to suit however it does trigger me when they start free pouring extra virgin olive oil over and into everything along with big knobs of butter - why?!

I love Jamie Oliver however he is as guilty of it as the rest of them! I watched his crimbo show last night and he made a lovely prawn dish that I would love to try/make and he just spoilt it by pouring oil all over it at the end?! I know you can adapt it but really there's no need... They should be encouraging healthy eating!