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I love entering comps, especially slogans.( not very good at them)
I've won some nice prizes, but, still trying to win a car.
Whenever I go away I try to buy some local postcards.
I've even asked family to buy me books of stamps for my birthday:eek: crazy is that! lolol
Are there any other compers out there?
To date the best prize I've won has to be:
A long weekend in Cannes S.France. staying at the Intercontinental Palace Hotel. We had a Suite, Chauffeur Driven Limo, it was unbelievable. We had a fantastic time. I only wish I had been slimmer. I won by entering a postcard comp in "RED" magazine.
I am now on a mission to win another wonderful break, so that I can feel more relaxed about swimming and the like. I think I was the fattest person walking the promenade in Cannes that weekend. Oh the beautiful people were out to shame me lol
If you are into comping maybe we could start a little ef ( entry form) swap club?
Please let me know if you win any prizes, it's such a great buzz to have the postie deliver nice goodies:)
ME....I'm a comper!
It is a great way to relax and look forward to the postman every morning:D
My best win was when I first started and was a weekend to New York, just from a postcard. My most valuable win was £1000 worth of nappies won a couple of months before I gave birth to twins!
I post on the Compers News site and get the monthly magazine.
I am not that lucky though compared to some people on there whos win list per month is longer than my annual win list.

Edited to say..... I would be happy to do an EF swap, although I don't get out to get that many.

Do you do many internet comps and what sites do you use?

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Hi Helen

It's great to meet you, and I hope we bring each other lots of good luck:)
Wow I bet you were pleased with your win of nappies, must have saved you a fortune with the twins:eek:
I used to belong to compers news but didn't renew my membership. I'm thinking of re-joining.
I have done a few online comps, mainly from loquax but I've never won from any of them. Have you?
I must admit I don't collect many ef's now. I enter comps from the "Simply Prizes" mag. There are a lot of "Baby"comps which might interest you, let me know and i'll pm them to you.
My babies are now 19 & 21:( .
If you suggest any good online comp sites I will take a look.
Maybe it's time I branched out:D
Hope Mr Postie brings you a nice prize very soon

Bye for now

If you go to you can request a free copy, so you can see if you fancy rejoining. I don't use the magazine that much, but do use the CN website all the time. In fact there is not enough free time in the day to do all the comps on there. I rarely do online comps, mostly postcard and a few slogans. Trying to get back into it after a break.
good luck!
Hi Helen,

Thanks for the link.
I have just joined CN via paypal. I soooooooo want to log in but i dont have a subscription number yet:(
I too have taken a break, but, am ready to get back into the swing of it.
Which type of postcards have you had the most success with? I have won more with ordinary plain cards than with the home decorated ones.
If there are any comps to win a car, would you let me know please. I sooooooooo want to have my own car lol

Enjoy your weekend

Im a comper too. I have been doing it about 3 months now and have 3 wins. All of them runnersup prizes though :(

Ive won.

Bourne Box Limited Editon Box Set
A pair of golf socks
A F1 scale model of a toyota
hi i love entering competitions from magazines online etc...the only thinks i have 'won' are thinks like makeovers where they hound you for weeks from salons in london and want you to pay £100 first for their insurances!!!!

do you have any tips on going in for comps and what are ef?

lou x
I like dotcomper site and it's cheaper than CN, I am with both, but the dotty's site I find are more helpful, and will go out of their way to help you if they can. I also have EFs delivered, 12 months upply for £32, and shesends loads.
Just thought id bump this up for anyone to add,i only enter gmtv ones online but thats only as i dont know any others and apart from buying the mags lol its all i can do.Ive only ever one twice,once was when i was about 10 on live & kicking tv show,i won some blue sweade shoes-elvis comp lol and i sometimes your dog mag and won some poop bags lol.

i love to comp. I have only won 1 prize which was a loreal makeup kit. I use forum and the competitions thread to find contests xx
I'm a comper too.

I used to use loquax but started using mse last year & haven't looked back.
Love using mse for comps now :D

Not been winning much lately despite entering loads.
Hi there - another comper here. Use MSE and am totally addicted. Been doing it for about a year now and have been pretty lucky so far with the best win being a week's family holiday to Turkey which we took in July there - now i just have to win one for next year lol!