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Was gutted the other day as my wii remote for my nintendo wii stopped working, as did my nunchuck. Resigned myself to having to find the pennies to pay for that as my wii really helps me to lose the weight and now im down to the final stone and a half im really starting to struggle.

So i was worrying about how i was going to pay for it....Then last night i get an email telling me that ive won £100 of amazon vouchers!! I entered a survey on about going back to work after having a baby...and one person got to win that prize...and it was me!!

So i got to buy my new wii remote, new nun chuck, wii sports resorts and motion plus, just dance 2 plus a few toys and books for my toddler.

Im going to dance myself thin haha!!! :D Was just what i needed after a rubbish weekend!! xx
That is great !!!

oh well done hun, what a nice way to start the week:D
Wow nice one! I enter comps all the time - still waiting for the big win!!! :D
The last thing I won believe it or not was 2 days after starting SW & I won a huge box of ferrero rocher was goddam fuming as they my faves! Anyway didn't open them for weeks & weeks and then had 2 and gave the rest to my brother big achievement for me lol.
Well done on your win I certainly woulda preferred that prize :D