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Extra Easy Completely new to slimming world help!!

Hi all,
I really need some advice i went to my first group of slimming world on Monday and started on Tuesday, i am doing the extra easy plan and i have been reading the green book and following it. Today my jeans are so tight on me i can barley get them on, is this normal?? does anyone have any advice. Thanks in advance
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It depends on what kind of food you're eating, and how much water you're drinking hun. Some foods, eg scanbran can make you bloated when you first eat them, and things like alpen lights give moat people terrible wind. Drinking water, eating some superfree fruit like melon often helps. Plus try some peppermint or green tea
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]I had a slow start with EE, and put it down to all the fluid in fruit and veg. I ate very little before joining SW and now eat loads… give it a chance. It might just be a build up of water. I lost half a pound in my first week… I was so embarrassed but the following week lost 4 pounds. Your body might just be adjusting to the new diet regime. Good luck though. Slimming world works if you do it right, its getting the correct measures of whats good for you. Unfortunately I’ve plateaued now and need a boost but it happens, you can’t lose faith… lose pounds instead x[/FONT][/COLOR]
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I agree with kingleds :) If you suddenly increase your fibre intake by a lot without drinking extra water to counteract the effects it can make you feel quite bloated. Also a sudden increase in vegetable intake can have the same effect. I'm sure your digestive system will settle down soon hun. Good luck with your weight loss! :D xx

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Hi Starryskittles,

Kingleads and Dudette2001uk are both right about the increase in fibre causing your bloating. I was like that for the first two weeks on slimming world and like you were VERY bloated but try and stick with it and try to eat fruit on an empty stomach as I find that that aids digestion and keeps the bloat away. Good luck on your slimming world journey. Xx
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Plenty of water, watch your portion sizes, lots of fruit/superfree foods...
As others have said, sometimes it takes the body a bit of time to adjust to the new diet, especially if it's a drastic change in how you've been eating. Don't panic, stick with it and as long as you're following the plan properly things will calm down and the bloating will go :)

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