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completely new

hi there fellow dieters..
i am completely new to the low carb diet.. and well.. i was wonder what on earth do i eat?? lol can i seriously stuff my face on as much sausages, ribs, stakes and other meaty goodness till my hearts content AND still drop the lbs?? :eek:
and what happens if by any chance i eat carbs??.. will the fats iv ate all pile onto my hips?
these are probably stupid questions yous have answerd a million times before but please help! :cry:
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Hi Lilminx and welcome. Take a look at the stickie at the top entitled "So you are thinking of starting Atkins" That'll give you some guidance.
thanks guys.. i gave that a wee read really helpful.. ordered myself the book.. but a bit worried about this atkins flu people get.. when do you get it?
hello fellow dog shower :) what a beautiful whippet :D
Atkins flu will probably hit within a couple of days - yes its awful but once you get over it you get bags of energy and you can eat loads of meat and cheese - best diet ever :)
hello LVLLT..l do you show dogs too? Thats zak hes now a Junior Irish Champion :D i did try to remove the pic but not sure how awhh well..

Im dreading hitting this flu! im such a wimp and will whine about it for days lol iv about a stone to loose so fingers crossed it comes off easy

Iv heard from people that they have had bad breath, limp hair and tiredness on atkins.. is this just the flu?
Hi yes only just amateaur showing only started a couple of years ago :) congrats on his title :)
the first symptoms are metallic taste in your mouth, stinky wee and tiredness, BUT if you drink plenty of water (id say over 3 litres of pure water per day if not more) you shouldnt be too bad. Limp hair never heard of that TBH. Its worth it though as when your body starts burning fat instead of carbs you get loads of energy and glowy skin :)

If you want to take piccie off go to user cp at the top and go to amend sig and delete the pic
have to say you guys look fab in your pics! i cant believe how much weight yous have shifted a big congrats!

yep hes a whippet this is his half brother Buzz..
Or Collooney Buzz Lightyear

Hes only turned 6 months and has his 1st show at the weekend
Thanks Vicky his dad is sitting on one CC and his aunt as 2 so they are both cashing their english and irish titles.. and iv high hopes for buzz

Hi kitty id like to shift a stone before 10th march..
Best of luck with Buzz.

Get reading the stickies at the top and get some shopoing in and set a start for your diet :) also the what are we eating today is great to post your menus in as we will all comment if you are doing anything wrong :D

Stuffing your face is a reality on atkins lol just be careful with sausages aa the cheaper ones can be very carby. Real meat lol like chicken, steak, pork...crackling!!! Eat Tull your hearts content!!
humm pork crackling..tho i did break my tooth on a bit once lol what about the cooked bacon joints from the hot food counter at tescos?


This is for life
Hello and welcome :D

You are right, i didnt like the atkins flu but showed me how my body was dealing with the sugar (not!) and so is helping keeping me on the straight and narrow :)

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