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  1. Sunny1985

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    Cambridge Diet
    am going to confess to you officially what I had to eat today (please note that you may be shocked at the contents, but it is not unusual):

    Cereal oat crunch
    Creal oat crunch
    Cereal oat crunch
    Chocolate Flapjack
    Caramel Flapjack
    Hot Chocolate with cream x 7
    Chocolate Milkshake x 3
    Chips and Chilli
    Bread, butter and Jam x2
    Digestive Buscuits x 8
    Milky Way
    Cheese block
    Orange Juice
    Chocolate cornflake cake
    Bombay Mix

    I need to do sole source to clean my body out! But I find that I just give up all of a sudden and get depressed!!

    Any words of advice? :gen147:
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  3. caws

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    Healthy eating-ish
    Stop snacking :D
  4. littlemissspendthrift

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    lol @ caws

    straight away the first thing i notice is there is a distinct lack of fruit and veg. a lot looks like processed food.

    i have eaten loads before but i always make sure that i have some veg in it. in fact i was obsessed about getting my 5 a day (problem was i was having 5 chocolate bars a day too)

    i would say that cut down on the carbs, starch and pasta first.

    have more lean protein and veg and fruit before you do sole source. maybe cut back for 2 weeks. that way you will ease yourself into it, get used to not snacking and will be less inclined to do so on Cambridge.

    find something else to do with your time.. if you are busy, you dont think about food.

    good luck
  5. minime

    minime Gold Member

    Increasing your water intake might help too, keep you feeling full so less likely to binge and gets you ready for CDing.
  6. Big Bird

    Big Bird Full Member

    Slimming World
    Hi Sunny think that you may need to start on a higher plan rather than just SS'ing straight away.Can see you have a big appetite like i had before i started CD.I am on the 810 plan at the mo but started on the 1000.Found it a lot easier as i can eat for England and knowing i had a set amount of food i could eat helped me get thru the hard parts of the day, as i knew i would have something at night.Not sure how much you have to loose ?? But my CDC has told me that the difference to start with between SS and a higher plan is not a lot.Also i if need to lose a lot and want to see a fast result, so if i start to get stuck i know i can move down thru the other 3 steps before SS'ing. Hope this helps Hun, feel free to PM me if you need some support :0) XxX
  7. icemoose

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    Hiya Sunny

    My advice is that you need to do a bit of naval scratching here as you are clearly eating way too much for your energy needs and hence are eating for other reasons. The key to being slim is to realise those reasons and deal with them.

    Therefore sole source as a tool will be fantastic for getting you slim but my concern would be if you returned to this intake you would quickly be big again.

    Therefore deal with why you overeat first and then use sole source as a tool to get healthy and then get on with your life.

  8. hanloje

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    You seem to graze a lot? don't say what quantities so may only be a tiny bit of each thing!??? As someone else said, don't go cold turkey, move down the plans limiting carbs and get back onto SS to break the binge cycle.

    Good luck. x
  9. airgirl

    airgirl Gold Member

    I honestly don't mean this in a rude way but it seems you have a real problem with food. I know when i binge i can eat a lot but i think i would be physically sick if i ate that amount. Your body does not need all that food and i know most of us are here because we over eat, eat even when we're not hungry etc but your overeating clearly shows a problem deeper than would i would call comfort eating. There are probably many psycological reasons as to why your doing this so i agree totally with what Icemoose says and get help for the problem before you try tackling ss.
    I really wish you the best of luck and think that by you being honest and writting down what you have eaten you are admitting you have a problem and that is the first step in overcoming it.
    I hope you don't take offense to what i have said as i believe everybody has the right to live a happy, healthy life and right now your not giving yourself that opportunity.xx
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