I've just got to the end of my 2nd week on LL, been doing really well, lost 8lbs the first week and it looks like im going to have lost 6lb this week - my weigh in is tomorrow night BUT, today i was making bacon sandwiches for my other half (hangover food!) and i sneaked about half a piece of bacon and ate it! Not impressed with myself at all.

Can somebody out there please give me a kick up the backside, i cant believe i did it, so stupid of me.
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I can give you a kick up the backside if you want hun. I can also tell you that are human and I did something very similar around the second week.:)

You're not stupid, just trying your best. It's done, forget it, learn what you can about avoiding the situation again and SMILE:D're doing


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whats done is done. Whats more important is your desire to get back on the wagon and not do it again.

and by the way hang over or not.... maybe he could make his own bacon sarnie from now on?

I still cook every day as I have a little girl to look after, I cook for my hubby when he is here too, but I wouldn't be cooking him hangover food, he can do that himself lol.

anyway, put it behind you and move on, well done for ONLY having so little, many people would have been unable to stop and would have polished off a whole sandwich which would have done much more harm.

Good luck with the weeks ahead!



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At least you only had half a piece of bacon and not the whole sandwich!! And wats even better is that you didnt just think 'f*ck it, I've messed up now' and continue to eat half the kitchen!!

Everyone makes mistakes....just tell him to make his own hangover food in future!


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Many have done the same in my group, but the important thing to remember is that you didn't have the whole sandwich and that you got straight back on the straight and narrow. That's an achievement in itself! Keep it up :)