confused about 'b' choices!


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It's cereal bars that count as a HEB and then only particular ones that are high in fibre. You've been given a few of them on your other thread but a full list is available online if you are a group member. The belvita biscuits are just that - biscuits! - and 2.5 to 3 syns each depending on flavour. It's just a clever marketing ploy by the manufacturer I'm afraid.


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thanks hun, thats the problem im not a group member so not too clued up on syns really but then i found this website so im making good use lol



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like circes has said, there is only a limited amount of items available as Healthy Extra B's. Slimming World carefully select them by various nutritional information. The main one being fibre content. You can only use the items selected by Slimming World as a Healthy Extra B choice.

The full list is available to group members or members with an online subscription.