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confused (weight watchers)


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They are starting a weight watchers group at work, i have always been a slimming world girl myself never really found another diet that worked , has anyone ever tried weight watchers and is it as good , cheap etc ??? just want to weigh up my options please feel free to discourage me if its naff.
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Weight Watchers is good if you stick to the healthy eating cooking portion control rules. But generally, people on weight watchers get obsessed with how many points are in bad food like fish n chips, cake, crisps, pie etc and don't really embrace the true meaning of the plan.

Also, you'll get really into eating crappy ready meals and only being able to have three chips and stuff. Or you'll run out of points by like 3pm and be starving.

i've done it, and it was ok, but I like to eat, so Slimming World is where it's at for me!!


is a pirate arrrgggghhhh
DO YOU GET FREE FOODS ON WEIGHT WATCHERS??? i feel like with slimming world i dont limit my portions enoughor allow my stomache to shrink cause i eat so much and i feel hungry alot.


Nojo on the YoYo
Veg is free, not potatoes, peas, corn or anything on SW that isn't superfree. That's all. Oh, and water.
When I did WW I filled up on ummm....lettuce! Seriously though WW is good & works for so many but it was pretty rubbish for me. I did it online, I paid £9.95 a month but Im sure I paid a joining fee of £49.95 or something!? (May have that wrong). There's nice nibbles they do which I ordered from their site.

Its very controlled as you count everything which is good but if you like to eat a lot SW would be more ideal. You could always give it a go & see how you do if you really want to. But give it a good trial time as you're body will adjust to the big different in food intake.

Let me know what you decide! x
If I remember right things such as a portion of cheese was 2.5 points. A Jacket potato may have also been 2.5. One thing I wasn't keen on was counting fruit I will say. An apple was 0.5 & a banana more so you have to include fruit in your daily allowance.


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My frien at work does WW and a banana and a packet of crisps was the same point value! which i think was ridiculous!!


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I didn't like WW at all, for all the above reasons! When you have 20points to use a day, and a banana counts as 1.5!! You barely have enough for anything! Beans on toast with cheese (1can, 2slices, 30g) used to use up 9.5points!! Then ihad to get fruit, breakfast, lunch and snacks with 10.5points!! Not easy and I was constantly hungry :( x

My friend tells me about her friend who does WW, she says she is obsessed with points that it drives my friend mad. She says something to do with Chinese food been low points!!!, whenever they go out she only wants Chinese!!
That is the only diet I did not try, because calorie counting was bad enough for me!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
On WW to work out points, you divide calories by 70, and sat fat by 4, so say 70calories and 2 sat fat, would equal (70=1,2=0.5) add those together = 1.5points! xx
Hi, I did WW before starting on SW and to be honest never really got into it - personally I couldn't stand the thought of counting points for the rest of my life, when for me, SW offers a lifestyle plan without counting and pointing and weighin etc. I've lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks which is more than I ever lost at WW the whole time I was meant to be doing it - too easy to 'spend' points on stuff and still be hungry, but with all plans they work if you follow them I guess??? xx


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I lost 16lbs with WW before I joined SW and found myself getting bored very quickly and counting points all the time got to be a pain, you don't have the freedom, the different plans or the versatility of SW, of the two I much prefer SW to WW.
My nan lost 4st on WW & swears by it, I lost 7lbs in 14 months so it didnt work for me.

If you can be quite strict with your allowance try it but as has been said before you can become obssessed with points, I was definately like that.

A WW meal is much much smaller compared to the average SW dinner.
I have done ww on and off for the past 5 years and would never go back to it. I would echo the first repliers comment about how you get obsessed with high calorie food. The thing was it taught me that sat night I could have a mental binge and go mad then I could spend the rest of the week clawing back my points back and living off cucumber and lettuce. It didn't educate me about food, it taught me to binge. Also I got sick of looking at a plate of food and only seeing the points value rather than the food. I have only been on sw for a week and I find it very refreshing.


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hi , i lost 4 stone on ww and got 2 say i did enjoy it but i did become obsessive about points. it was hard at first getting the sw concept and knowing that i can snack on loads of free food . do red and green days but at he minute i think my body is thinking "sod that i am just going to syn everything" as i lose one week then put on the next but there is no way i am going back to counting points and srarving .on and the price of class is dearer than sw and they never have any mags bars etc only good point was the fact that there was a orderline that you could order any product if you were doing online , wish sw would do that .

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