Low FODMAP VLCD? Is it possible?


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I was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes and would like to try a VLCD BUT every single plan I can find is stuffed with things that trigger IBS-M (for which I follow a low FODMAP diet as directed by my NHS dietitian) or cause a migraine or severe gastric discomfort of some kind. I really don’t want to DIY this so I’m looking for suggestions.

Through trial (by fire sometimes) I know I cannot consume any kind of artificial sweetener (so no sucralose, aspartame etc). Stevia may be ‘natural’ but it’s a polyol. I’m more than happy with savoury products but the majority of plans only do sweet shakes.

Unfortunately all the soups I’ve found contain Inulin which is another big no-no.

So far the only products I’ve identified that are even vaguely safe for me to eat is the Exante tomato and pepper risotto. With the best will in the world I’m not sure I can hack eating exactly the same thing 3 times a day for several months.

Ideally I want no onion, garlic, cauliflower, konjac etc etc etc but I‘m willing to try products which don’t contain these as a main ingredient. Being small portions the impact might be tolerable.

Please can anyone help?