Conjoined twins. - Tonight Ch5 9:00.


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What fantastic attitudes these girls have!

The girl on the right controls the right leg and arm, the girl on the left controls the left leg and arm. They run, ride bikes, throw the ball, and drive in perfect unison. It's amazing considering they have no feeling of each others side.

They both have a set of lungs, two hearts, two stomachs but only one set of reproductive organs.

That's amazing! What fab girls (and makes me feel a bit humble too, moaning about my own petty problems).

Reminded me of when my 11 year old DD was talking to me about conjoined twins but couldn't remember the name for them ....
"You know mum ... semi-detached twins" :)
i saw the program about them when they were younger and bless they were plagued with health problems...

but such is the power of the spirit and they seem to just get on with things which cant be easy

I saw an article about them this week, absolutely amazing. They have such a good outlook on life and have adapted so well to their situation. I loved how they often wear different shoes etc, asserting their own individuality

Just bumping this up as I notice that they are on television tonight

Extraordinary People: The Twins who Share a Body
9:00pm - 10:00pm Channel 5
They seem lovely girls and typically American....chewing gum ALL of the time!!

I know. Kept wanting to tell them to spit it in the bin :D

They were pretty amazing though. how in tune they were with each other. I was thinking that even walking would be so strange. Each girl controlling one leg each, but I guess it's what you are used to.

Brings up all sorts of things though, like the driving test. Having to do two, and what will happen if one gets caught for speeding etc
I was just thinking on the way to the gym, wouldn't it be awful if one of them developed an eating disorder.

How awful to have a weight problem and have to go on a diet when you haven't eaten the stuff yourself:eek:
It was fascinating viewing. Tried describing the programme to my OH but became almost impossible. I was drawn in through the whole hour, it upset me when I saw how the girls were treated by onlookers/media when they went on holiday but what fab friends they have who protectively shield them from people who stare.
I'm sure that when they go out into the big wide world, they'll get used to it. They have to.

When I was on the train in Canada, I was just looking around (as you do), when I saw a lady with a very distorted side to her face. I really didn't mean to, but it caught my eye, and I looked for no more than a second longer that you should.:eek:

I couldn't help it. It wasn't curiosity, or disgust:eek:, just we do this instinctively. You look around, everything is normal and you don't give it a second thought. Then something isn't quite normal and you hold there for a moment whilst you brain sorts out the difference.

Anyway, this lady must have seen me for that split second longer, and punished me by staring back at me for the rest of the journey....about 30 minutes.

Longest 30 minutes of my life I reckon:eek:

She's obviously worked out a way to cope with it. Must say, I was a tad annoyed with her. Unnecessary really, but if it made her feel better.............