haha 7 page horror story i started a while back :/


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so i dont know if you would class it as horror, but i think its the direction i was going :).
never really had anyone read anything ive written so ill be really anxious to see what you guys think lol
please be honest! lol

River and Reese Payne, two royal pains in my ass. They were cocky and got on my nerves as kids, and the moment they walked through the door I realized that the military hadn’t changed that one bit. Sure they were taller, cleaner, and had more muscle, but camo cargos and tank tops make everyone look like an ass. You’d think that after 25 years they would stop dressing to match. Sure Reese opted for the black and River went for the not so subtle blue, but matching is matching. The only way I could tell who was who, was that Reese topped out about 6 inches taller than River, which would put River at about 5’5. Any shorter and he would start to look top heavy… poor kid. Maybe I’m just bias, I like ‘em tall.
“Hey, you know, I think that matching outfits stop being cute when your 5.”
“Just as sarcastic as always, I see,” said Reese.
“What can I say? So tell me, Reese, did you keep growing or did River start shrinking?” I’ll admit I was trying to get a rise out of River, but he was the bad one from what I remember. So what the hell.
River chimed in first. “Ha ha, very funny. But I wouldn’t say you had room to talk, you’re shorter than I am.” And with a smirk he seemed pretty satisfied that he had me… oh not even close.
“Well I’m a female, what’s your excuse?”
And with that I watched the color drain from his face. I knew I hit him hard, but I couldn’t help it. It wasn’t my fault that he was a bit effeminate growing up. I wasn’t the one who made fun of him for it. No, I was the one he took it out on… damned because our families were neighbors for my entire childhood.
“Alright, cut it out you two,” this from my Father, coming back from the kitchen with his trusty tray of refreshments. Got to love the timing in my old pops, among other things.
Yeah he was a good guy, paranoid since my step-mom died, but who the **** wouldn’t be when their wife of 15 years goes out for groceries and disappears for three days. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, well its good she came back, right?” Well under normal circumstances, yes it would have been. But when she comes back with pointy teeth and a blood lust, that tends to cause a bit of friction. Not to mention, the newly dead are a bit feisty, and will just about anything for a drink.
Needless to say, dad survived, but not before nearly loosing his arm and having to watch as the cops blew her brains out. Thank god the neighbors heard the commotion and called it in, or he would be dead right now. He still has to go to therapy every Wednesday, and takes meds for the nightmares.
No I don’t blame him, he loved her. I think that’s how it should be, if you love someone, you should feel it when they’re gone. I guess that makes me lucky, because I didn’t love her and I don’t think she loved me. But she was good for my dad and that’s all that really mattered. I could name the reasons why I didn’t like her so you could understand where I was coming from, but I see no point in bad mouthing the dead.
“So how have you been, Mr. Taylor?” asked Reese. Glad someone is good at the small talk thing.
“Oh fine, fine. Just trying to make do. Gabbi here’s busy with her own thing now, so it gets kinda lonely, but I do what I can.” Wow, guilt trip.
“Well we’ve all grown up, sir. I don’t see my parents as much as I would like these days,” Reese said.
River came it with, “Yeah, usually when we get a chance to call, everything’s all hugs and kisses. ‘When you getting home?’ We were pretty surprised when we heard you were asking after us. Saying you needed a favor?” A favor? What?
Dad let out a sigh and took a long pause, never a good sign.
That’s it, let’s get to the point. I really don’t have the patience for this crap.
“Yeah so Dad, what’s the deal? Why are these guys here?”
“Now don’t get upset, hun, but it’s this trip of yours to Seattle.” Oh great I should have known. “I just don’t like the idea of you going so far on your own, especially across state lines. You know as well as I do about that outbreak in Oregon.”
Yes, I knew about the “outbreak” in Oregon. I also knew that the only way to catch lycanthropy was through the blood, like AIDS, but instead of loosing your white blood cells, you get furry once a month. So as far as traveling through was concerned, don’t go when there is a full moon, simple. Well, simple if that wasn’t the plan in the first place.
“Yes, I know about the lycanthropy, I’ll travel during the day. No moon when the suns out.” I could tell that would not assuage him. When a father has his mind set on something he will get it, at least mine will.
“And who will protect you then? There are maniacs and rapists, even at night someone or something could break in and you would be totally unprotected.”
I rolled my eyes, if he only knew… “Look dad I’ll be fine. But I still don’t see why you need Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum here?”
I got a look from River that plainly said that he was not amused. I just gave him the most innocent smile I could muster.
“I heard they did some work, like… bodyguard work?” He made it a question for the boys.
For some reason that made River smile, “Yeah something like that, Mr. Taylor.” Something like that, huh? The look in his face made me feel like I’d missed something. I was starting to think I should watch myself around them.
“Well, I’ll be paying of course,” Dad said with a little too much enthusiasm for my liking. “How much would it be for the job?”
“Wait, wait, wait. You aren’t actually talking about hiring them to be my bodyguards?” I couldn’t help it, I laughed.
Them protecting me? Wow that was funny. I looked over at the twins. Sure they might have been in the military. Sure they might have gotten into some scrapes, but I couldn’t have anyone following me around. I had a job to do, and it didn’t involve two people that I didn’t even know if I could trust not to get me killed. And I couldn’t even tell them that, because that would be giving away too much. You can get someone killed by talking too much.
Reese said, “Look, Mr. Taylor, I…”
“Now, now I won’t take no for an answer.” He gave me a stern look. “From either of you. I won’t be able to sleep at night thinking that my baby girl is out there all alone with god knows what kinda monstrosities that are lurking these days. Heaven knows I can’t keep up with it all. First it was the occasional vampire, god knows I couldn’t take them taking you from me too. Now we got the damn werewolves and who knows what other kind of were-whatevers. And they call it a disease… Bullshit. It’s not natural. Now I know that you keep a lot of you life from me, darling, but let me do this. Please I’m getting too damn old to be worrying about you. You’re all I got left.”
Oh, he was good. Even threw in a few tears for the effect. But I fell for it anyway, guilt’s a *****. Besides maybe I could ditch them in the middle of the night. I took his hand in mine.
“Alright, alright let’s hear how much, then I’ll make a decision.” I gave him a little smile and a squeeze, which he returned, eyes glowing. Ugh, I hate caring so much sometimes.
My attention was brought back the others when I heard a deep sigh. It came from Reese.
“Alright, Mr. Taylor. What is this going to entail, exactly?”
Dad took a deep breath, “Well just to make sure she gets up to Seattle alright, and then gets back safely. Anything beyond that you would have to ask Gabbi, she hasn’t told me much other than that.”
Everyone looked at me. Good more pressure. I would like to say that I could have just come out with the truth, but you don’t generally want to tell everyone that the real reason you have to go up to Washington is that you are a hit man hired to kill someone, well a vamp, and not to mention a few hits one the way, but details details. I guess I’d have to figure that out later.
“Yeah it’s just a business trip.” That’s what I told my Dad so I had to stick with it. I didn’t say that I would be doing business at a couple stops on the way to Seattle. Hell I hadn’t even told him that it wasn’t even Seattle I was going to, but again details.
“And what business would that be? I thought you worked with computers,” said River, who I could tell was beginning to get a bit suspicious.
“I do. There is a new firm up there and I have to go up and help get everything running.”
“They don’t have someone else that can do it?”
“Nope, just me.” Yeah he was going to be annoying. So back the subject away from me, “Are you guys going to do it or not?”
The twins looked at each other, didn’t say a word. Maybe they had a twin telepathy thing going on.
“Alright seeing as we have history…. $20,000,” said Reese.
What?! No way.
“No way! That’s ridiculous.”
I looked at my Father about to tell him what I really thought of the absurdity of it, but he that determined look back in his eye and I couldn’t bare to see the water works again. Geez, maybe I’d just wack these guys and have done with it. But that would be breaking the rules, and that’s just not done.
“I really can’t believe this,” and the look on smug look on River’s face told me I really wasn’t going to like it either.
Dad sat up and rubbed his hands together. “So, when do I pay you guys?”
“You have a pen?” asked Reese. Obviously the brains of the two, have to remember that. He took the pen and some paper that Dad handed him and started to jot stuff down. “Alright wire the 20 Gs to this account here.”
I interrupted, “Wait a minute, shouldn’t we be doing the half now, half later kinda thing?” Not that I wanted to stick with these guys, but I didn’t want my dad cheated out of twenty thousand dollars either.
Dad just smiled, “Don’t worry, I trust these boys.”
Umm… whatever Dad. I guess you never know the ignorance of your own parents until it is too late.
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lol part 2 it wouldnt all fit in one :p

So I woke up two days later, irritated and anxious about the road ahead. I had thought that I could ditch the twins right out of the gate, but they insisted on staying at the house. You’d think they didn’t trust me. What’s not to trust, I just work with computers, honest. Well, not really but as far as they knew.
I didn’t look like your average “hit man”, if you will. At 5’3, I was shorter than most of the ones I’d ever seen, and you also didn’t see many that had to wear a bra. Which does cause a lot of discrimination… I just don’t know why guys feel the need to look down on women. I guess it makes them feel better if they think they have to protect us. But I learned to get over that a long time ago, because it’s not just my fellow hitters that think that way, all men do it. So it does in some ways put me at an advantage. Even the bad guys seem to think that I’m not a threat. Good for me, bad for them.
Killing wasn’t always my line of work, you know. I was never a violent kid. I would say that I had a pretty good life. Nice enough family, decent neighborhood. I was even a straight A student. No, killing was just something I took up, or should I say it took me.
When I was seventeen I dated this guy, Jack Evans, real hard ass. I guess it was one of those rebellious stages you go through as a teenager, but he was hot and he asked me out… hey, I’m only human. Anyway, he was not the type of guy you bring home to daddy. Tall, dark, handsome, petty criminal… you know the usual. Needless to say, I spent a decent amount of time in the wrong parts of town. I never got into the act or anything like that, I just developed a knack for looking the other way.
One night he said that he had a ‘surprise’ for me, really excited about it too. Hell at that point I had no reason not to trust him, so I went along. He drove out to the old abandoned air force base, pretty seedy part of town. I should have known then that I wasn’t going to like it, but that boy had a way with words.
“Oh you’re really gonna like this, babe. Trust me, would I lie to you?” he’d said. Ha ha… yeah he would.
“No, I guess not… alright, I trust you.” Yeah I wasn’t too bright back then, either.
We ended up parking out on the far side of the base. I remember seeing a bunch of cars out by one of the hangers. I was going to kill him if it was just some stupid party. I never could stand all the drunken *****es at those things. But I went along, trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.
“Why are we parking so far away?”
He put his finger to his mouth and shushed me. “Because we really don’t want to get caught, trust me,” he whispered.
“Trust you? From what I’m hearing we aren’t even supposed to be here. What exactly is this, Jack?”
He just gave me a mischievous smile, a wink, and started pulling me towards the hanger. I went along, I had no choice. We came in his car and he had the keys. Plus, it was dark and I wasn’t going to just sit out there alone if he insisted on going in without me.
We didn’t head towards the main doors like I thought we would have. We snuck around back to a ladder attached to the side that went up to the roof. I so didn’t feel like climbing any ladders, but I did it like the good little girlfriend I was. Once we got to the top he told me to take off my shoes so we wouldn’t make noise. Again I should have been suspicious. I should have made him tell me what we were there for. I should have told him to screw and went right back down that ladder and left. But no, I took off the shoes, no complaint. Man, sometimes I’m ashamed of myself.
The top of the hanger was flatter than I thought it would have been. It was basically just like a big flat roof with a couple square hatches and windows here and there. I don’t really know what I was expecting so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.
We went slowly over to one of the windows towards the middle of the building. Jack got there first and looked down in. He turned and looked at me with a manic heat in his eye that you don’t expect to see in anyone outside of a high security mental institution. At the time it just made me curious about what I’d see. Frightened, nervous, excited, and curious. In hindsight, I should have been terrified by that look. Another chance to turn on my heals and get the hell out of there. But like they say, hindsight is 20/20, and I was caught in the moment.
I walked over to the window and looked down. No way was I prepared for what I saw. We were looking down at just your typical large empty hanger. I could see rafters, catwalks… but the real show was on the ground. We were directly over what appeared to be some sort of ring. There were people crowded all around it cheering and yelling at the men in the center, what looked like money in their hands. At first I thought it was just some regular old fight night or something. Gee thanks, Jack, great surprise… this was your BIG secret. Couldn’t get in there to watch the show, so you had to sneak up here? I was about to say what I thought about the whole thing when something caught my eye.
The two men in the center had been circling on opposite sides from each other since I’d been watching, pretty much staring each other down. Neither of them were wearing shirts and if they had been I don’t think I would have caught it. They had both stopped walking. They stood there facing each other. All pretty standard stuff I would imagine, but it was what appeared to be happening under their skin that I was worried about.
At first I thought there were things crawling around just underneath the surface, but then I realized that it was muscle and bone. They were moving and shifting in places that I didn’t think were humanly possible. The man on the right fell to his knees as his ribs and shoulders seemed to pop and expand. I could only imagine what it would have sounded like from ring side. I could only imagine what it must have felt like to have all your muscles and bones pulling at your skin in a hundred different directions. I watched as the man cried out and reached for his back as if in pain. What I didn’t expect was that he had what looked like claws for hands, and as he turned I saw what was becoming of his face. It was like something out of a horror film, caught somewhere between man and beast. Not exactly hairy or anything yet, but no ones face is that elongated, no ones teeth that sharp.
Then suddenly it seemed as if his skin couldn’t take it anymore. It tore down his back like some sort of cloth, to reveal a dark gray mass that I quickly realized was fur. And just like that, what I could only describe as a wolf man stood up, appearing to be completely clean apart from the wet mass and skin at his feet.
I stepped back and tripped, landing hard on my backside.
“Shhh… You want to get us caught?” Jack whispered angrily.
“Excuse me?” Oh, I was pissed. Scared, disgusted, and pissed. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen, and I knew that I’d seen enough. “I don’t know what the hell is going on, Jack, but I’m leaving.” I turned and got up to go.
“No wait…”
“Wait? What was that? And what kind of sick person would pay to see that?”
He sighed. “They’re lycanthropes, Gabbi. They come out here and have fights. It’s like dog fighting, but with bigger dogs.”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Lycanthropes? Oh my god, Jack, they’re dangerous. They could just turn around and start attacking everything in sight.”
He shook his head, “No it’s not like that. These ones can control it, that’s why they can change like that, with out the full moon.”
That caught me for a second. I hadn’t even realized that it was like two weeks until full moon, I hadn’t known that there were ones that could change at will. It wasn’t a pleasant thought.
“They are still dangerous, Jack. All those people down there are endangering themselves, hell we’re endangering ourselves up here.” I looked up at him as I was finishing putting on my shoes.
“They’ve got others down there. From what I heard, half of the guys down there are already lycans of some kind.” Oh that was comforting.
“Oh great, so we’re on top of a whole hoard of them?” I shook my head. “Great, just great… Oh my god I can’t believe that I trusted you.” With that I started down the ladder.
“Hold on, I’m coming,” he said as he slipped on his shoes.
It was harder going down the ladder than it was up, but I managed not to fall. What I found at the bottom didn’t make me feel any better about the situation.
“Ahh, what do we have here? Looks like we got ourselves a Lookie Lou.”
I turned to find myself facing two guys with rifles. Just my luck.
“Look, I’m leaving. I swear I won’t tell anyone what I saw,” I said with my hands up in that see-I’m-unarmed-and-cooperative kind of way.
“And what the hell were you doing up there in the first place, sweetheart?” This coming from one with muscles bigger than my head. He reminded me of Arnold Schwarzenegger with less of a tan and no accent. His friend was a little smaller but looked like he had Pumping Iron dreams of his own.
“Lost..?” Maybe it wasn’t the time for sarcasm, but I didn’t have a better answer for him.
Arnie gave me a smile and said, “We got a smart ass on our hands. You get lost by yourself, sugar?”
The pet names were really starting to get to me, but he had a gun. I could take a bit of name calling. Apparently Jack had stayed up on the roof, because they didn’t seem to know that he was up there. Saving his own ass most likely… jerk.
“Yes just me,” I said. He didn’t buy it.
“Hey, Rock, why don’t you go see if there is anyone else that might have got lost up that ladder,” he said to the smaller man.
Rock gave a little smirk. “You got it, T. Whatcha want me to do if I find any lost puppies?”
Arnie, aka T, never looked away from me. “Take care of it.”
With that the smaller man walked to the ladder and started up. Fear caught me in the gut like a ton of bricks. I didn’t know what to do. If I didn’t say anything Rock might shoot Jack. If I did say something I might get us both killed now rather than a very certain later. I could have just started crying and doing the girl thing, but I didn’t think these guys would go for that and getting upset wouldn’t help me out of this mess. So I did the only thing I could think of, I went for the guy’s gun, which is funny because I knew nothing about guns or fighting at the time.
I took my chance while Rock was on the ladder. T was close enough that I could reach about the middle of the gun. I grabbed it and kicked at his hand at the same time, which flipped the rifle out of his hands and into mine. It was just luck that he didn’t have a good grip was holding it one handed or it might not have worked. The look on his face was of pure shock. I didn’t blame him, I was surprised that it had worked myself. Guess some of the stuff in movies does work in real life.
“Don’t move,” I said pointing the gun at him.
“Big mistake, girl,” he said shaking his head. “Rock!”
I did the only thing I could do, I shot him, and he went down. I turned, and heard Rock fire just before I took him down. My adrenaline was so high that I hadn’t even felt the bullet pierce my stomach. I looked down and saw the blood first. I’d like to say that I got that ass Jack and we got out of there, but that just wasn’t the case. Apparently I am fine with other peoples’ blood, but seeing my own gets me a bit woozy. I had shot and killed two men, and the thing that made me pass out was the sight of my own blood. Figured.
After that, I remember waking up in an apartment I didn’t recognize, being nursed by a man I didn’t know, who was asking me about my profession. His name was Owen, and it turned out he was a hit man hired to kill one of the guys that I had shot. Not a big time deal, but a favor for a friend. Rock had known too much about an illegal business deal and he was going to talk. Not good for a lot of people, so he was marked for dead. I just happened to be the one to do it… in self-defense of course. Owen was impressed by what I had done. Especially when he found out that I had no training and had never even used a gun before.
So with that, Owen took me under his wing. Showed me the ropes and got me started doing pro-hits. Turned out I was just naturally good at killing people. Owen always said God wouldn’t give you a gift if he didn’t want you to use it. That’s the only thing that gets me to sleep most nights.
Now I found myself heading up to Washington to help him out with a hit that was giving him a bit trouble. Funny how things work that way. Wonder what he’ll say when he finds out I have a couple of uninvited guests coming to the party. Probably nothing good.