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conjugated linoleic acid

hello everyone...just a quick question, does anyone take conjugated linoleic acid as a supplement? been reading lots of good stuff about it over the past fee days...its meant to decrease abdominal fat...promote muscle growth therefore increasing metabolic rate..so you lose inches not necessarily pounds. I have just ordered a months supply so if no one has taken it I will be guinea pig! your opinions welcome xx
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Never heard of it Laura... I shall research it! Keep us posted :)
Never heard of it either but interested to hear! I tend to be very sceptical of any supplement claiming to aid weight/fat loss; if it truly truly worked it would be front page news!
got mine from myprotein.co.uk but you can google to find out more...loads of info on low carb american sites x
I too will have to have a look, I have read loads about Acai Berries too, but I never feel like the things I am reading ring true.

Good Luck and keep us posted

Joanne x x


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Just looked it up on Wikipedia. Sounds interesting. It says studies have found that it can aid a small decrease in bodyfat and increase in muscle. So while you're losing fat, for a while weight itself may remain stable- don't give it up if the scale stalls!

It also says that it is present in beef and lamb, dairy and eggs. I wonder whether our fear of red meat and cholesterol has caused us to be deficient in this, and whether we could address it just through diet?
its only present in meat and dairy where the animal has been fed on grass...which is hardly any nowadays...they are mostly fed on grain here...i started taking the recommended 3.4g yesterday so i will let u know how i get on


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Really? I read that the grass/grain fed issue was mainly a problem in the US, and over here the vast majority of beef is pastured, with some having grain in the last six months. There was a big ruckus a few years back about the building of the first US-style feedlot, in Norfolk I think. We don't do the keep-them-on-concrete-feed-'em-corn like the Americans do.

As for lamb, well I live in Wales, we can't move for sheep, and they're definitely on the hills eating grass!

None of which is to say that your supplement won't help you, I'm just surprised if Scotland is largely grain-feeding its cattle.
...i started taking the recommended 3.4g yesterday so i will let u know how i get on
I got the 1000mg per capsule ones...it says to take between 1-3 per day....should I take the full 3?

Just asking as your amount seems higher, I was just planning on taking the two a day...make them last longer!
well each tablet is only 80% CLA if you look on the back...so each tablet you are only getting 800mg of CLA so ive been taking 4 per day to get 3.2g which is the dose that all the research shows has benefits...theres never been any side effects reported so no fear :) ive got a toxicology degree so ive looked into it a great deal before i started x
Haven't tried that but I do take L-Carnitine. Said to be a fantastic booster for low-carb diets. Co-enzyme Q10 is also recommended.

You have to watch out that supplements recommended are not majorly designed for body builder use. They have very restrictive diets and, before competitions, eat in ways that many of us would regard as downright unhealthy. Their needs and practices are different to Atkins and it pays not to spend a lot of money on supplements targeted at that group.

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