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Consolidate or card tart?

Devon Dolce

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Hi all,

I'm considering consolidating a couple of credit cards into a low interest loan as opposed to keep card tarting. Has anyone else done this or did you keep card tarting (swapping between 0% deals) - I don't have a lot to consolidate but even the tarting involves a % rate balance transfer fee - just toying with it being easier to have just one repayment each month xxxx
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I used to work in a bank and a lot of people successfully consolidate into a low % loan. But something we saw a lot of was people getting the loan paying everything off but keeping one "emergency" card that they paid off and has no balance but keep just incase - they then use it and run the debt back up and end up having the loan and credit card repayments.

It's a better option than just moving your cards around all the time as this way you clear your debts and also one day you will run out of credit card company's! Lol x x x

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Have a look on moneysupermarket.com & see if there are any longterm 0% balance transfer cards around. If you've only a small amount to consolodate it may work out cheaper in the long run.

You could work out how much it will cost per month & in interest payments for a loan & then do the same for a 0% credit card over the same term.

Personally I'd go for the cheaper option.