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Attack Cooked chicken carb panic


Dance the positive spin..
Hi there

Im suffering from newbie paranoia here - am Day 2 attack!

Ive got mobility issues and find it hard to cook so my hubby bought in Castle Lea "ready to eat chunky breast pieces". Result thought me! Lol

However now (after eating a pack over today-yesterday), i notice there is rice flour, stabilisers, tapioca starch, potato starch, salt, cornflour, sugar and vegetable oil in the ingredient list - so much for just being chicken!!! It does say 95% chocken! Am i worrying too much re quantities/proportions????

The nutritional info is (per 100g):
446 kj, 105 kcal, carb 1.7, of which sugars 0.7
Fat 1.3, (sats 0.4, mono-sats 0.6, polysats 0.3)

Also in for a penny, in for a pound - Onken fat free vanilla yogurt is ok yeah? I read loads of posts saying it was (and unlimited) then saw a post advising not in attack phase!

This paranoia is now spreading to all my stocked up items - hartleys no added sugar jelly, tesco light choices fat free natural normandy frimage fraise and all my meats even tho they are all listed as <1 or even just trace sugar, fat, saturates etc - ie. Tesco (sandwich style) cooked beef, tesco wafer thin roast turkey, Tesco wafer thin ham.

Oh im so sorry, i realise how SILLY I sound but aaaarrrrrgggghhhh lol

Please someone help n advise....
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Hi V, welcome & don't worry, I'm sure it'll be fine.

Obviously if you can do your own chicken thats best, but sometimes just too much else to do! I also buy cooked chicken, but try to get the drumsticks or recognisable whole breast pieces, even if you have to take the skin off at least you know it started life with feathers lol!
The pieces are often pre-formed, so I'm always a bit suspicious. The pieces you have seem low in fat and sugars, in spite of the other ingredients, so I should think it will be ok.

I have used onken natural fat free & it's perfectly ok - if it's low/no fat, and there is a low sugar level, you should be ok. The one I like is 0% total Greek yoghurt, as it's v creamy and thick. But so long as there is no fruit added, should be ok.

Hartleys sf jellies are definitely ok - i use them all the time and theyre brilliant! :)

Rest sounds pretty good too - good luck hope it goes well!


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Hi I think you are doing great so far and well done for being so thorough - I think the only thing I would change is the Onken Vanilla as I think it has sugar or fructose in it though I may be wrong!!! I stick to Total 0% and sweeten/flavour it myself just to be sure!!! Also I use the ready cooked chicken lots but go for breast or thigh and not reformed. Argh listen to me - LOL - it's actually a good thing to be a bit OCD on this diet!!!