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Cot escape


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This post is completly off diet topic but i hope you all don't mind.My 19 month old daughter vaulted out of her cot last night and this morning,to all you mums out there do you think i need to get her into a bed.I'm worried that she'll break a limb or knock herself out.She's my 4th baby so you'd think I would know,but her brothers nevr did this so it's a first.This week she's turned into a demon child.On thursday she smashed a hole in a 130 year old piece of glass in my hall door.Advice please:eek:
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I would get her into a bed and get one of those dog gates that are super high so she cant vault that too! I have 3 children and the 2nd one was similar!


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Yeah i'd get her into a training bed asap. Her falling out of one of those is going to be less dangerous than her having an accident while vaulting out of her cot.
As for the glass smashing.......she's probably just testing her boundaries. My yougest did that - she's now four and 'still' does it! lol
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Yes,definately a bed.

You may find the first few nights tricky,as she sounds as if she may be the type of child who might not stay put,so try and make sure you are not too stressed the first night and that you will be able to catch up on sleep.
Good Luck



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To be honest, we didn't even wait for that to happen. My DS was in an adult sized single bed by his second birthday... actually a few months before. He never slept well in his cot bed when we took the sides off so we put him straight into a single bed. He loves it and has soooo much room!


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Got that t-shirt too! DEFFO A BED!:D


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I never had a cot....baby with me then on a mattress on the floor. Got him a bed at some point but i was worried he would roll out so that's why i put him on the floor....................then i worried about draughts!


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I have a 19 month old girl too!
Thank goodness she has never attempted to get out of her cot!
She sleeps in a grow bag, so not easy to get out in one of those!
My other two never got out of there cot either, maybe it's a one off and she gave herself a fright, she may not attempt it again!

BTW I am in Cumbria too! x


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She's been the easiest of all my kids goes to bed at 7.30,sleeps till 9 ish and all night ,but all of a sudden she's become a bit of a little ****(if you know what i mean).Looks like i'm buying a bed tomorrow,anyone ever bought a little tikes one.Very low to the floor.It won't last long but that dosen't matter really.I'm going to sell her soon .:D


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Hi mummypower.No she did it again this morning.She's a bit of a dare devil,has 2 older brothers 11 and 5.The 5 year old thinks he's a power ranger at the mo,so she jumps off things with him for fun.


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Hi Sue :)

Deffo time for a bed I would say!! All my 3 kids have escaped in this style at around a similar age.:eek:

My youngest is now 4 and he's still in his Junior bed that we got for him from Argos. The low wooden one with a half safety rail already attached. When Kam first went into it we just bought a Tomy soft bed guard as well and it filled the other half gap with it so that he couldn't roll out. Worked a treat.:D Safety gate on his bedroom door and no more probs.

Lacey xx :)

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