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All of my babies [and foster babies] :)


bye bye belly
S: 16st1lb C: 14st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 1st5lb(8.44%)
Ok so my camera file sizes are quite big, and it wont let me resize so you got to view to photobucket link!

Heres about my pets, and foster rescue pets.

So i've had Zeus, foster dog. He was a local stray, and would roam for hours, perfect escape artist but very loving. He arrived here weighing 12kgs, he left to go to his new home at a whopping 26kgs! Here is Z: 031-1.jpg picture by gina1991_2009 - Photobucket and 031-1.jpg picture by gina1991_2009 - Photobucket

In my care from Spring 2010 until early autumn 2010.

Next up is Jess, and her babies. Jess was a stray / used for breeding. Breeding badly as Jess is a manx cat and she was bred with a normal domestic cat therefore babies produced short stumpy tails which will effect them later in life. Thankfully she only 2 in my care, she was then spayed, and moved on into her new loving forever home. Her babies came and were 2 weeks old. They both had vet treatment and were moved to their new homes, I still see one on a reg basis, and shes gorgeous (with tail problems!)

This is Jess before she came to me: jess.jpg picture by gina1991_2009 - Photobucket
This is Jess during her stay with me (with her daughter playing beside her!): jessnmeg.jpg picture by gina1991_2009 - Photobucket
Jess' 2 babies, black and white is called Milo and black one called Meg: megnmilo.jpg picture by gina1991_2009 - Photobucket
This is Meg during her stay, with my semi-feral cat Mickie (Mickie stays with me forever as she would never settle into a family life): megnmilo.jpg picture by gina1991_2009 - Photobucket
This is Milo during his stay: megnmilo.jpg picture by gina1991_2009 - Photobucket

Next up i've got Molly. Molly is a collie cross german shep. She was found by my other half in a home that had bred her, and she was 5 months old. She was living with her litter mates, 12 of, in a kitchen approx 5ft wide and 15ft long. There was no room and they were all living in their own excrement. With my own and my partners help, we rehomed all the pups into new homes and kept one for ourselves. She has become the star of our house, we missed her vital months for training but with time, patience and effort we've got her going in no time, Molly has been here 4 months. This was when she first arrived here, note her head, the dark patches? Thats poo. Her own. It was also under her legs, in her ears, in her matted fur etc. http://i940.photobucket.com/albums/ad249/gina1991_2009/jbuv.jpg

This was approx 11 weeks on:

And for now, that is all my pets. I currently only have Molly and Mickie. And its a very boring house!

So far, in 2 years we've helped and got healthy 7 cats, 2 dogs and 2 bunnys. Only 1 cat died in our care. We had Muppet who was being PTS because her owner 'didnt want her', she was a cat, aged 16. She now lives with a lovely lady, and is happy living her last years very spoilt and loved. We took in Mittens, who escaped 3 days before being spayed, and was involved with a bus. She died. She was 6 months old. We had Jess who was 4 years old, an ex breeding machine. She is spayed and in her new home. Her 2 babies that came with her, are in new homes, are spayed and living happy lifes. We had Minnie, 6yrs old, a maine coon cross, she went downhill and moved in with my mum, my mum kept her. She was scared of the other cats/dogs, so stopped grooming herself and eating. We have Mickie, she is now spayed and healthy, and is still semi feral, Mickie is now approx 2.5yrs old. We have Molly, who is now 9 months old, spayed and a total spoilt princess. And Zeus, hes now approx 3-4years old and living the high life, finally being loved with a bed to call his own.

Our 2 bunnys, had to PTS. They contracted deadly infections and after weeks on medication and hooked up to machines - there was little else the vet could do. They had a few happy months with us. I dont even have pictures of them :(

Well thats my lot, and I am a proper pet lover. If I had unlimited funds, there would be alot more pets in my care and being helped along, but what we've done has been out of our own hard earned wages, which we live off and also bring a toddler up with. I can only hope that as kitten season comes in again, i'm contacted to take in a few more as I miss the patter of tiny kitten pads :D
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