couple of syn queries for a retun to slimming world after a loooong time away!!


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S: 18st7lb

I did slimming world yeeeeears ago with my mum (who was in the final 3 for slimmer of the year!!) and have decided I need to do it again :)

I imagine syn values have changed massively since then so whilst I wait for my book to arrive, could I just ask some syn values? Most of these used to be free depending on the supermarket...

Thank you ;)

Lidl tinned meatballs
Lidl tinned ravioli
lidl chicken in white wine sauce
lidl minced beef and onion
lidl tinned pasta spirals
Asda tinned mince
pasta & sauce cheese and broccoli#
pasta and sauce chicken and mushroom
filo pastry

and for things like chocolate bars I'm guessing its still 1 syn per 20cals?

few lunch box ideas to get going...!

thank you!
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