NEWBIE TO THE SITE... Slimming world using Pinch of nom


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Hi I’ve been doing SLIMMING WORLD on and off for the past few years... during Lockdown no1 I thought I’d go wild and ate and drunk whatever was in front of me...🤦🏻‍♀️ By May 2020 I was nearly back to my starting weight over 15st 👀 shocking I know!!!. So I decided to pull myself together and get back on the Slimming world wagon... I purchased all 3 of the pinch of nom books (Best Buy to date 😊) and started prepping... I’m now over 3 stone lighter!... just the last 8lb to go 🙌🏼🙌🏼 My friend told me about the Pinch of nom books I couldn’t Believe you could still eat such nice food and lose weight. I also bought the Syn stickers off eBay... they were a god send.. all the syns are worked out for you and come with an easy instruction guide... If any of you have the pinch of nom books I’d suggest buying them.. I’ll try to find the link...
Welcome Dave the rave.

Just wondering what the syn stickers are? I'm doing SW too haven't heard of them.