Couple of the Year


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Sorry I can't help with information but just wanted to say congratulations and well done:happy096:


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petal1978 said:
i have been chosen to be my groups couple of the year and i wondered what this entails as apart from getting a sash not sure what i am to do?:confused::confused::confused:

Hi we had couple of the year on tues and you don't have t do n e thing! People who go to group vote for their couple of the year n the one with most votes wins! Simples! At ours there was only one couple so they automatically won it! Sash, flowers, wine and a framed certificate!


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All the SWCs send in their nominations for Couple of the Year to Head Office ... from that a number of couples are then invited up to Head Office in Derby first weekend in March. Travel up on the Saturday, dinner and bed paid for, the Sunday you weigh in , check heights, etc. Then they sit in groups and choose a few of the couples to be in the final. The final is then held same day and the winner announced then and there.

The winner then goes up to Birmingham in November for a proper prizegiving ceremony complete with a celebrity. Think it was Vernon Kay last year.

Good luck :)


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Us too!

we have been chosen to go to Slimming World head office this Sunday for the couples finals along with 26 other couples. We are going with our consultant in her car, it's about a 2- 2½ drive so we are leaving at 7.30 am!

We have had to get big unflattering photos of ourselves printed :eek: to go on our board. Last years winners lost 15 stone between them, we have lost 8 stone 9lbs, so I doubt if we will get anywhere (just as well I don't fancy all that publicity:eek:) However it should be an interesting day. :D


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Chrissyann - congratulations on getting to go to head office - it's an awe-inspiring experience (I was up there last July for Man of the Year).

You will have a fantastic day - and hear so many inspiring stories (and the food is wonderful).

Just enjoy the day, try not to be nervous (think of it as a large Image Therapy session), and have a wonderful time.

(oh - take a few spare tissues - it's hard not to get overwhelmed by hearing everyone's journies)


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We were voted couple of the year for our group - 7.5 stone list between us in a year and now target members. We don’t qualify for national comp as the details used are for 12 weeks ago????????