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Cracking comments at a kid's party


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Took my girls to a party this tea time. Explained to the grandma of the birthday girl how I was losing weight as she asked.
Then she offers me a sandwich. No thanks, I'm only having my food packs.
Can you eat fruit? Have some fruit it's very good for you.
Then she says to my 3 year old, ALex, give mummy that cake, you can see she's dying for it.
Hmm, actually, no I'm not, I didn't even take any notice of what sort of cake she was eating.
But to say that I am dying for it?
Not even vaguely funny. Especially not given that it is not even 9 months since Nigel died.
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How annoying is it when people don't listen to what you say and keep shoving food at you!! Good for you for brushing it off, some people are just really insensitive.

Well done on the great weight loss!



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I Don't Do This Diet And Do W.w - Which I Fine Is Easy For Me -- But I Always Wonder Why People Don't Eat On Diets And Have Shakes - Hmm Because I Could Not Do It!

But That A End Of The Day - Its Down To That Person Who Is Doing It!

And People Don't Like It Tough - Or At Least She Could Ask You About It Rather Then Stick Food In Your Face!

Well Done For Not Taking It - And Well Done On Weight Lost!

You Should Be Proud - As Many People Could Not Do What You Are Doing! Xxx


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Hi anna
sometimes people just dont think outside their own box, peoples insensitivity also at times astounds me, the very same person probably would have said to you pre diet 'ohh my dear if only you lost some weight you would be very pretty' or something!
as for the dying for it comments given the fact that Nigels death was so recent, well there are no words.........:hug99:
sorry it was such a crappy party
nat xx
Some people just dont get the diet but then they are the ones who would also say you could loose a few pounds! She maybe didnt know about Nigel though and even if she did may have kicked herself for the comment afterwards? Or could be so think skinned she didnt even notice lol!! Main thing is that you didnt even want the cake which is a great achievement - if you're anything like me you would have wanted the whole cake, never mid a slice before! Hows the romance going?!


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Lots of my friends know what I'm doing and yet still seem surprised when I won't have an alcoholic drink! No matter how much I explain the rules, people always try to find another way round 'But surely you can have some salad?' 'Do you want an orange juice?'

Regardless of the fact that she used that word, I find that last comment about the cake - practically forcing you to have it - really upsetting - if you've told someone you're on a diet why on earth would they try to force you to have some cake? Craziness. Well done for rising above it. I'm sure in her heart she was well meaning really - she was probably trying to be a good hostess without realising she was failing!


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Some people just can't accept what other people are doing and feel that they have to keep on offering. This I think has a few reasons behind it, some people really dont' like to think you're missing out, others get a bit insulted that you're not accepting what they're offering and others just want you to fail. Hopefully this lady was an example of the first reason.

I'm sure she never meant to hurt you with her comment, it's something she's said that if she realises she said it she'll want to kick herself.

My word Anna, some people are so very insensitive and rude, at the end of the day it's none of her business what diet you are doing and if you wanted cake you're quite grown up enough to make that decision for yourself, and encouraging your child to get involved is just nonsense. Sounds like she ought to mind her own business a bit more & think about what she's saying before she says it - better still say nothing at all.

Don't let it get to you, you're doing a fab job :)


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I echo these sentiments entirely. She was being both insensitive and ignorant, as, sadly, many people can be!

You are doing brilliantly and deserve all the support you can get. Please put it to the back of your mind, and get out and show her a thing or two!!

PS I have daft comments from "putting weight on very fast and previously slimmr than me" sister in law!! "Oh , that diet is dangerous, arent you eating yet?" or " Im hainvg a bbq? What can I cook for you? OH, surely not nothing again? Just a glass of wine wont hurt you.."

It just good to know that we can tune these people out, and get on with it if we need to...


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Good for you for not taking that cake. It's people like her that make my "rebellious child" come out and I want to stand behind them and stick my tongue out.
I am interested in how your 3 year old reacted. I have been really careful with my 5 year old, as I don't want to discourage her from eating. I have explained what I am doing and why, and she is really supportive, giving me lots of strokes all the time. When I was in a similar situation she smiled at me and said "My Mummy doesn't eat things that are bad for her" that took the wind out of their sails!

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