Creeping back in..

Hi Shazzie good luck for your start.....I weighed 25 st 5lbs when I started 10 weeks ago. Even though I am on lipotrim its basically the same thing, I have lost 4 stone know it can be done and if you want to succeed you will.

Keep us posted xx
Hi and welcome Sharon, ready to take control and lose lbs. I think you are approaching it with the right heart, setting small very acheivable goals is important to those of us who have a long journey in front of us, I started this time on close to 23st and need to be 12st at the heaviest, so im in this for the long haul too. The support i receive on here is invaluable and when ever i feel like im being tempted or just feel like a chat i log on, its saved many a slice of toast beleive me. Anyway wishing you all the best for your new start. 2007 is a special year where many people are going to make things happen, be one of those people. You can do it.
A lot of people wait until they are in ketosis before adding the water flavourings. The latest update from HQ is no more than 1 tsp per day, but many people find that having all of their water with flavourings has no adverse effects.

I personally drink all my water with the flavourings and didn't wait until I was in ketosis - I was of the opinion that it was more important for me to get the water down, than to wait a week and not be drinking it.

Day one done, well done. It gets easier honest. Just keep drinking, take some headache pills if you need them and get through today, then face tomorrow. dont think too far ahead, one day at a time. Youll get there.
:p Whoohoo Shazza,

You're a day closer to the slimline you:D

Keep us posted on how you're doing;)

ONward and DOWNward
Hi Shazzie

:D Good on you for keeping going. SO many times have I given up in the first two/three days, lets do this together & be skinnier minnies for the summer.;)

I'm off to my best friend's wedding tomorrow so I don't think I'll be able to log on for a couple of days:cry:

ONwards and DOWNwards!
Great that you're hanging in there Sharon, that blip wont be noticed by the end of the week but if theres a next time just have the ham, its the bread that will do any damage.
11lbs. in five days is absolutely fantastic!!!

This diet is so worth it when you see the scales move like that:D

You will be feeling much better as each day goes by.

I hope you have done your body measurements from head to toe and upper arms as the inches drop off fast as well.

Not forgetting your front and side photos.

As they are great reference for you to look back on and compare how you are doing, as sometimes it is hard for us to see ourselves by just looking in the mirror as I do believe it takes the head a while to catch up with the changes as they are very quick.

Well done and congrats' that sneaky weigh in as really made your day and will carry you through.

Love Mini xxx
What a star.the next few days should be asy with that weight lss to drive you.
Well done Shazzie!! Day 5 and such an amazing weight loss!!

I'm on day 5 too - I'm looking forward to reading your entries!! your already inspiring me!!

Lizzie xx