Crooked thinking


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as the title say 'crooked thinking'

How would you explain this to someone? Examples please if you can!

A friend asked me to explain this to her..... the example I gave her was, you know when you over exagarate things, like ' oooh if i don't have that cream cake i will just die!' of course the reality is that you won't die of course, and it's a case of awfulizing things...

any input girlies
A great example of crooked thinking is...

If only I could lose this weight then my life would be just fine (or even perfect!)....

I have failed this diet because I have just eaten.

Well actually no you haven't, you have dieted successfully for x amount of days and slipped up once. You have lost weight and know that you can continue to do so. Success can be counted in degrees and is not all or nothing :)

I am never going to be able to stick to this diet because I have failed every other time I have tried to lose weight.

How do you know? you have never done this diet before and certainly not at this period in time so how can you say that? That's like me saying that all relashionships fail, they did until I moved in with my now hubby 13 years ago. :)
Hey Geri

Will PM you later, hun! ;)
Now that I have nibbled, I have broken the diet so I may as well continue to eat tonight and then get back on track tomorrow.

Actually it is now the next day but I have ruined the week so I may as well eat something today and start again after I get weighed.

After weigh in - well I can eat tonight and get back on it first thing in the morning - because I have a full week ahead of me to get back on track.

This is too hard as I am well out of ketosis, I am hungry and have failed!

I could carry on forever. Crooked thinking is one of the best tools I have received during lighter life - I was terrible for thinking one chocolate was the end of the diet - when actually it is one chocolate!! I can honestly say crooked thinking is absolutely at the heart of why I have failed in every other diet and why I am still doing this one now - because I can recognise that a blip is just that and isn't the end of the diet.
Hey Flopster,
great examples of crooked thinking, thankyou :D

and well done you, that is so true, if someone nibbles, it's a blip, not the end :)

Cheers for that :)
If I cant be 100% dedicated to this diet it will not work at all!

Suffered with that one for years, when in fact it is all the good days that add up and the occasional not so good has very little effect!
"Ive done so many diets and failed so this one is bound to be the same",
now that is what i thought before LL, and Im glad to say it wasn't true!!