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D (for diet) Day!

Hi my name is Kirstie and I’m 33.

I have always had a problem with my weight having tried everything over the years from various classes to pills and bizzare diet fads. In 2008 I discovered a Lipotrim VLCD and it was amazing, I managed to loose 4 st in 4 months! I won’t admit it was easy but my desire to be slim really helped keep me motivated and once into ketosis it definitely got easier.

Second time round this is significantly harder, I just can’t get my head into it I’ll start off well but give in by day 3/4, I know I can do it but just need some mental help hence this blog.

My weight has always fluctuated (as with most ladies) but right now I’m quickly working my way right back towards the heaviest I’ve ever weighed. In 2008/9 I managed to loose 4st reaching a size 10/12. Having reverted back to not eating properly I have found myself piling on the pounds at an alarming rate. I currently weigh 12st 8lb, I’m 5’ 4” and size 14/16.

So this is me, I’ve had it with being fat and feeling rubbish about myself. Having tried to restart Lipotrim on so many occasions and failing within 1-5 days I have decided to write down my thoughts, feelings, successes and failings to try and help me get my head into loosing weight and becoming happier as a result.

So here goes, wish me luck...
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It's day one and so far it's gone ok...

... though I'm still awake and in my danger zone for snacking (will go to bed on finishing this post).

I feel very anxious knowing what this diet entails and the fact that days 2 till 5 are difficult days for slipping/giving in.

That said I feel quite optimistic, though I know tomorrow will be difficult as I'm at a funeral, it'll be a long, exhausting day with a buffet slapped in the middle. I need a plan to help deal with the lack of food...

I can’t stop thinking the last morsel of food has already been consumed for a couple of months. I know I shouldn’t be thinking about this. I need to focus on getting into all my clothes. I’m constantly thinking about food. Why can’t I switch this off?

I will be slim, I will be slim, I will be slim...
hey kirstie well done for restarting. im on week 6 and have a few of those days were i wanted to give in although i didnt and feel great about myself now. if you know your danger times then find something to fulfill that time a walk a bath anything to divert your attention.
good lluck on your journey hun and keep us updated x x x
Good luck Kirstie, it is hard, but you've done it before so you know what to do! Look forward to hearing how you get on! :)
Emma x
So day 2 was the funeral, and I lost it :sigh:

I knew it would be a long and difficult day, I tried to prepare by having a shake just before I set off, but 4hrs later I was starving, had no way of preparing a shake and the buffet was just too tempting.

Hay ho tomorrows a new day...
It's day 3 and after yesterdays blip I'm back on the shakes and about to have my first for the day.

I'm starving and thinking constantly about food, but keep putting off having a shake as they are revolting. It might just get rid of the hunger pangs though...
Day 3 ended up being ok (although technically it was really day 1 after the blip).

Today is getting harder, I'm hungry today can't stop thinking of food and its driving me crackers! Can't wait till I'm in ketosis and this hunger disappears. To help, I keep looking at clothing websites and planning my new wardrobe (cash permitting) when I'm that slim 10/12.

I've decided I'm living the life of a hermit till ketosis as I can't trust myself to be good, so am spending the day pampering myself, think I'll go for a sunbed to warm me up - I'm frozen - then a nice body scrub and hot bath. Might even treat myself to some sparkling water in a champagne glass - ooh the highlife!

Then into cosy (warm) jarmies, more (water) champagne and snuggle up on the couch with my little rabbit Stanley to watch Casualty.

What are you all up to?

Kirstie x
Hey, I think keeping a diary will be really good to keep you on track, after the first time round it took me soo many starts and stops and a few months of eating everything to finally get my head in the right place. It was meant to be for halloween, then for christmas then for easter then my brothers wedding and i still hadn't started, august was my 24th birthday and i realised i'd spend too much time worrying about my weight and that was when i really made up my mind. Just think about how good you felt wen u got to goal last time, and dont give up by thinking you can start again tomorro, cos like me.. it turns into almost a year. I'm on day 10 now and although it hasnt been the best day for me, i havent quit and im im gonna make it this time, and so will you! please dont give in, u'll only be letting yourself down in the long run xx
hey kirstie good to hear you are still going.
id want all those things you are doing lol but cant as im at work til 9 :-(
its great once ketosis kicks in youll feel much better then.
keep up with it. when is your first weigh in? x x x
missy3 well done for making it this far, you must be in ketosis now? how do you feel and when is weigh in x x x
Hi Missy & So So,

Thanks for your words of comfort, we will all get through and be the people we are in our heads.

Speaking of which, have you ever had that moment when (in your head) you think your still the slim young thing were years ago till you catch sight of yourself in a shop window and get the shock of your life when you realise its you staring back!

Well I've had enough and am determined to actually look like the mental image I have of myself.

I will be slim, I will be slim, I will be slim...
Hi Kirsty, know exactly how you're feeling...OH had bacon and egg sandwiches for lunch and I still can't get the smell out of my head!

We had friends round this afternoon and normally we would have hit the garden with a couple of bottles of wine but we stayed in with tea instead to support my diet.

Will think of you when we're watching Casualty tonight, but I'll be cuddled with my cats, Dylan and Fudge, might try the 'champagne' though......good luck through to tomorrow
So after a week which included a long weekend away and having broken the diet :( which I knew would happen, I still managed to loose 4lb!!!!

Yay, I'm over the moon and have re-started on tfr which feels great. Hopefully I can get into this diet properly now and hopefully loose a stone for my hols in Oct.

So after a week which included a long weekend away and having broken the diet :( which I knew would happen, I still managed to loose 4lb!!!!

Yay, I'm over the moon and have re-started on tfr which feels great. Hopefully I can get into this diet properly now and hopefully loose a stone for my hols in Oct.

Get stuck in! That's a brilliant start to the journey x
well done kirstie thats fab now stay strong and youll see your stone off by october, x x
Aww thanks Ladies I see you're both doing brilliantly yourselves!

Well today has been great, actually this week has been great (so far).

I'm in ketosis already and all week I really haven't felt like breaking and eating :)eek: surprised myself there!). I really hope the rest of my time on this diet goes so well.

I feel cold so think I might have a relaxing bath to warm up. I'm so pleased I'm in ketosis, this will make things so much easier.

Good luck this week for all on their own journeys x
good morning kirstie
good to se your feeling better about things now, and being in ketosis really makes a difference, stay stronge now x x x
Well last nite I nearly ate my pillow. I dreamt that I'd broken the diet and was eating a sausage roll, which I really enjoyed eating - I don't even like sausage rolls!! I felt so guilty when I woke up, its made me think about food all day. :(

Can't believe my scales broke this am, it's probably gonna be for the best as I've become a little obsessive about my weight, I can't go past them without jumping on.

Still on track but today is a little harder, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I will be slim, I will be slim, I will be slim...
Aggggghhhhh! I want food!!!!!!!!!

This is hell, I'm starving. It's that bad I'm thinking of skinning my little rabbit Stanley and eating him! :eek:

Poor Stanley, only kidding yummm... Ahem, I mean hmmmm...