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Daily weigher.... Scales moving... In the wring direction!


Serial Dieter!
Just have to post a moan, even though I can rationalise this in my head!
Over the past 3 days I've gained 2.5lb.. Think its fluid retention and constipation, have taken two sachets of movicol yesterday, with ZERO result?
Today I have that 'diarrhoea' stomach ache, am another .7lb up on the scales and nothing... Usually it works like a dream and I'm now in a bit of a quandary as to whether I should take another sachet or just wait for it?! Apologies for TMI)
Weigh in isn't until Friday!
It's the one real drawback for me on this diet, the constipation is a killer!
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The constipation is a real pain in the bum, isn't it! (See what I did there?! ba dum tish!). I suffered with it really badly, but now I take psylium husk capsules everyday which has really helped me. I got a bit complacent and didn't take the full amount for a few days, and the constipation caught up with me, but I'm now taking the full amount and it is much better.
Well I obviously spoke too soon! Have had to get the senokot out!


Serial Dieter!
Well , 3 movicol and 2 sennakot later I've finally been! It was disappointing to be honest! I must have the worlds most efficient digestive system, because there was very little to it? (sorry TMI)
Scales are still in a 'I'm not budging' mood.... S'pose I will just have to wait this out until they do! Official weigh in tomorrow... I'm preparing for the worst!
Sorry to butt in...I just wanted to say that I think movicol brings you out of ketosis because of the flavouring?! I bought some plain fibre to add to my shakes which seems to have helped :)

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